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Safety Precaution
Technical Specifications
Block Diagram
Circuit Diagram
Basic Operations & Circuit Description
Main IC Specifications
Trouble Shooting Manual of PDP Module
Spare Part list
Exploded View
If You Forget Your V-CHIP Password
Software Upgrade

This manual is the latest at the time of printing, and does not
include the modification which may be made after the printing,
by the constant improvement of product.
Safety Precaution
The lightning flash with arrowhead symbol,
within an equilateral triangle, is intended to
CAUTION alert the user to the presence of uninsulated
"dangerous voltage" within the product's enclo
RISK OF ELECTRIC SHOCK sure that may be of sufficient magnitude to
DO NOT OPEN constitute a risk of electric shock to persons.

CAUTION: TO REDUCE THE RISK OF The exclamation point within an equilateral
ELECTRIC SHOCK, DO NOT REMOVE COVER triangle is intended to alert the user to the
(OR BACK). NO USER-SERVICEABLE PARTS presence of important operating and
INSIDE. REFER SERVICING TO QUALIFIED maintenance (servicing) instructions in the
SERVICE PERSONNEL ONLY. literature accompanying the appliance.

1. In addition to safety, other parts and ENVIRONMENT
assemblies are specified for conformance with Used batteries with the ISO symbol
such regulations as those applying to spurious
radiation. These must also be replaced only for recycling as well as small accumulators
with specified replacements. (rechargeable batteries), mini-batteries (cells) and
Examples: RF converters, tuner units, antenna starter batteries should not be thrown into the
selection switches, RF cables, noise-blocking garbage can.
capacitors, noise-blocking filters, etc. Please leave them at an appropriate depot.
2. Use specified internal Wiring. Note especially:
1) Wires covered with PVC tubing
2) Double insulated wires
Before servicing this TV receiver, read the
3) High voltage leads
3. Use specified insulating materials for hazardous
live parts. Note especially:
1) Insulating Tape
2) PVC tubing
The service should not be attempted by anyone
3) Spacers (insulating barriers)
unfamiliar with the necessary instructions on this
4) Insulating sheets for transistors
apparatus. The following are the necessary
5) Plastic screws for fixing micro switches
instructions to be observed before servicing.
4. When replacing AC primary side components
1. An isolation transformer should be connected in
(transformers, power cords, noise blocking
the power line between the receiver and the
capacitors, etc.), wrap ends of wires securely
AC line when a service is performed on the
about the terminals before soldering.
primary of the converter transformer of the set.
2. Comply with all caution and safety related
provided on the back of the cabinet, inside the
cabinet, on the chassis or picture tube.
3. To avoid a shock hazard, always discharge the
5. Make sure that wires do not contact heat
picture tube's anode to the chassis ground
generating parts (heat sinks, oxide metal film
before removing the anode cap.
resistors, fusible resistors, etc.)
4. Completely discharge the high potential voltage
6. Check if replaced wires do not contact sharply
of the picture tube before handling. The picture
edged or pointed parts.
tube is a vacuum and if broken, the glass will
7. Make sure that foreign objects (screws, solder
droplets, etc.) do not remain inside the set.
5. When replacing a MAIN PCB in the cabinet, PRODUCT SAFETY NOTICE
always be certain that all protective are
installed properly such as control knobs, Many electrical and mechanical parts in this
adjustment covers or shields, barriers, isolation apparatus have special safety-related
resistor networks etc. characteristics.
6. When servicing is required, observe the original These characteristics are offer passed
lead dressing. Extra precaution should be given unnoticed by visual spection and the protection
to assure correct lead dressing in the high afforded by them cannot necessarily be obtained
voltage area. by using replacement components rates for a
7. Keep wires away from high voltage or high higher voltage, wattage, etc.
tempera ture components. The replacement parts which have these
8. Before returning the set to the customer, special safety characteristics are identified by
always perform an AC leakage current check marks on the schematic diagram and on the parts
on the exposed metallic parts of the cabinet, list.
such as antennas, terminals, screwheads,metal Before replacing any of these components,
overlay, control shafts, etc., to be sure the set read the parts list in this manual carefully. The
is safe to operate without danger of electrical use of substitute replacement parts which do not
shock. Plug the AC line cord directly to the have the same safety characteristics as specified
AC outlet (do not use a line isolation in the parts list may create shock, fire, or other
transformer during this check). Use an AC hazards.
voltmeter having 5K ohms volt sensitivity or 9. Must be sure that the ground wire of the AC
more in the following manner. inlet is connected with the ground of the
Connect a 1.5K ohm 10 watt resistor paralleled apparatus properly.
by a 0.15