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AMD GeodeTM GX1 Processor
ADL Stability Issue at 333 MHz

1.0 Scope
Customers have reported a system stability issue with the 2.2 System Board Core Voltage Noise
GeodeTM GX1 processor at 333 MHz. AMD has deter-
mined that the problem is excessive core voltage noise,
which creates instability in the internal core clock genera- AMD uses the Geode SP4GX10 development/validation
tor. AMD has further determined that it is difficult to design platform to perform stress and stability testing on the 333
a low noise circuit board using standard engineering prac- MHz SKU. Because this platform was designed for a PGA
tices. package, AMD designed an interposer board that has a
PBGA footprint to mount the EBGA package. This inter-
This technical bulletin describes the issue and what mea- poser has two ground planes, a 3.3V plane, a core voltage
sures can be taken to mitigate core voltage noise and addi- plane, and two signal layers. It has four 220