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from the chairman's desk

TAST MO TH I had the opportunity to visit some of our distance from the center of Geneva. I was very favorably
L facilities in Europe. and was very pleased to see the impressed with the program there. HPSA has an excellent
progress which has been made there during the past staff and they are doing an outstanding job in managing our
two years. European marketing activities.
My first stop was at Bedford, where the rapid growth of We have a brand-new sales office in Paris and my visit
both our manufacturing and marketing operations has made coincided with the first Open House. We have many good
it necessary to expand our plant. In England, however, the customers in France and I had the opportunity to'meet and
government takes a very strong hand in all business affairs, chat with some of them. It was encouraging to find that they
and because of various regulations we are prevented from have a high regard for our products and there is every
doing any appreciable building in Bedford. We have, there- indication that we will be able to do even better in France
fore, been looking for a new location in Britain where we in the coming months and years.
will be able to expand sufficiently to meet the growing de-
There was a good deal of discussion while I was there as
mand for our equipment there.
to why we do not manufacture some of our products in
After considerable study, we have decided to move our
France. It is very possible we may find it desirable to do this,
manufacturing operations to Edinburgh in Scotland. Edin-
especially if De Gaulle should take France out of the Com-
burgh is a very attractive city on the east coast of Scotland.
mon Market.
It is the country's capital, and has a long and distinguished
background of culture and education. We will, we believe, Europe is clearly a very important market for us. This
be able to establish a close association with the University year, for example, we will sell considerably more equipment
there which should be of great benefit to our technical people. in Europe alone than we sold in the United States ten years
The final site has not been selected, but we have several ago. The European market is growing nearly twice as fast
good choices. You will be interested to know that the govern- for us as is our market in the United States, and although
ment, as a means of attracting industry to the area, will the growth rate may slow down during the next few years,
build 50 apartments for our people who will move from Bed- it will continue to provide us with a large portion of our total
ford, will pay their moving expenses, and pay for a trip back business.
home during their first year away. It will certainly be necessary for us to manufacture more
In West Germany, the next country I visited, our manu- products in Europe as we go along, but we can hardly hope
facturing subsidiary has just completed a major addition to to satisfy the European demand for our products solely
its plant in Boblingen and the people were moving while I through our manufacturing operations there, at least in the
was there. The plant is very attractive and everyone seemed foreseeable future. Europe, then, will help to maintain the
enthusiastic ahout the way things are going and the outlook production volume at all our plants in the United States.
for the future. This market adds a substantial measure to the opportunity
In Switzerland, our HPSA marketing group has an office for our company, and therefore to the opportunity for every-
located on the top floor of a new building just a short one associated with our organization.

H EWLETT.PACKARD'S Microwave Division has just introduced
a big, beautiful package of answers to some of chemistry's
most bothersome problems. The new Model 8400A microwave
spectrometer is a tool to help penetrate the mysteries of molecular
structure, speeding the work of scientists dealing with new drugs,
better fuels, and stronger materials, to name only a few.
A new system, Using microwaves to produce a "fingerprint" of an unknown
substance is one of several advanced techniques available to materials
a new field researchers today. For some classes of material, it is the best analytical
method. For many others, it is a valuable adjunct. The trouble has
been that the instruments had to be assembled by the scientists them