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Agilent 89440A-1
Frequency and Time-Selective
Power Measurements with the
Agilent 89410A and 89440A
Product Note

When you need to measure the Limitations of traditional have distinct disadvantages. First, the
power of signals or noise, the Agilent instruments analog detectors found in most swept
Technologies 89410A and 89440A You may have used power meters, spectrum analyzers are designed to
vector signal analyzers (VSAs) offer voltmeters, noise figure meters, or measure the spectral components of
several unique advantages over other oscilloscopes to measure power. deterministic signals, not random
types of instruments. Excellent level These instruments are adequate for noise. When measuring random noise,
accuracy, true RMS power detection, many types of signals but they also a correction factor must be applied to
and precise noise bandwidths com- have several limitations including the analyzer's displayed noise level.
bine to produce exceptionally accu- inadequate dynamic range, accuracy, Second, traditional swept spectrum
rate power measurements. Accuracy or both. In addition, these instruments analyzers have analog resolution
is coupled with advanced features are not frequency selective--they only bandwidth (RBW) filters that typically
such as time-gating, arbitrary reso- provide a reading of the total power have a bandwidth accuracy of