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ACS Basic Software
Series 3700A System Switch/Multimeter
Quick Start Guide
Quick Start Guide
Safety precautions Service personnel are trained to work on live circuits, perform safe installations, and
repair products. Only properly trained service personnel may perform installation and
service procedures.
Observe the following safety precautions before using this product and any associated Keithley Instruments products are designed for use with electrical signals that are rated
instrumentation. Although some instruments and accessories would normally be used Measurement Category I and Measurement Category II, as described in the
with nonhazardous voltages, there are situations where hazardous conditions may be International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) Standard IEC 60664. Most
present. measurement, control, and data I/O signals are Measurement Category I and must not
This product is intended for use by qualified personnel who recognize shock hazards be directly connected to mains voltage or to voltage sources with high transient
and are familiar with the safety precautions required to avoid possible injury. Read and overvoltages. Measurement Category II connections require protection for high
follow all installation, operation, and maintenance information carefully before using the transient overvoltages often associated with local AC mains connections. Assume all
product. Refer to the user documentation for complete product specifications. measurement, control, and data I/O connections are for connection to Category I
If the product is used in a manner not specified, the protection provided by the product sources unless otherwise marked or described in the user documentation. Main supply
warranty may be impaired. voltage fluctuations not to exceed