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2. Alignment and Adjustment
2-1 Location of Test Point

Pin 29 of RIC1

Fig. 2-1 Location of Test Point (DVD-P242/P243M Only)

Samsung Electronics 2-1
Alignment and Adjustment

Pin 29 of RIC1

Fig. 2-2 Location of Test Point (DVD-P343/P346/P347/P348/P3636 Only)

2-2 Samsung Electronics
Alignment and Adjustment

2-2 Skew Adjustment
2-2-1 Adjustment Spec. and Test Point
Test Disc ; Service not Available

Test Disc Adjustment Spec. Test Point Adjustment Location
TDV-533 "Pin 29 of RIC1" Screw A / B
Chapter 14 Flat Waveform (Main PCB - Component Side) Ass'y Deck - Top Side
(See Fig. 2-1, 2-2) (See Fig. 2-3)

Fig. 2-3 Ass'y Deck (Top Side)

Samsung Electronics 2-3
Alignment and Adjustment

2-2-2 SKEW Adjustment Method

Needed to minimize the variations in Skew of the Pickup unit and to provide optimum match with the recorded
signal on the Disc.

1) Connect an Oscilloscope to the "Pin 29 of RIC1" Test Point (See Fig. 2-1, 2-2).
2) Connect Power, Open the Tray and Play the Ch.14 which is in the TDV-533 Disc.
Set the Oscilloscope Range as follows :
(Voltage ; 20mV/Div., Frequency ; 10m Sec.)
3) Adjust the Screws "A" and "B" (See Fig. 2-3) using a Hex screwdriver until you obtain a Flat Waveform and
the picture is stable.
Then, go to Chapter 1 and make sure the Waveform is Flat here as well.
If not, you have to go back to Chapter 14 and adjust again.
If you cannot obtain a Flat waveform, then the unit is defective.

Note : The Deck must be in a horizontal position. Use both "A" and "B" screws to adjust.

Typical Waveform before Adjustment Waveform after Correct Adjustment
Fig. 2-4 Envelope Waveform

2-4 Samsung Electronics