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IBM System/360
Operating System
Access Method (TeAM)
Systems Program Logic Manual
Program Number 360S - ca - 548
The IBM System/360 Telecommunication Access Method
(TCAM) allows high-level, device-independent communi-
cation with telecommunications equipment. This program
provides a flexible message control language that can be
used to achieve installation-oriented message control.

This publication describes the internal logic of TCAM. It
identifies and discusses the parts of the program that
perform specific functions and relates these parts to the
program listing. It is directed to the IBM customer
engineers and system engineers, who need information on
the internal organization and logic of TCAM in order to
provide program maintenance.

In order to understand the logic of TCAM, the reader must
have a general understanding of IBM System/360 operating
system. In addition, the .following are prerequisite publi-