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K Service Source

Ethernet and LocalTalk
K Service Source

Ethernet and LocalTalk Products
Specifications RJ-11 LocalTalk Connectors - 1

RJ-11 LocalTalk Connectors

Topology Bus or star topology
Star implemented using central hub (not available from Apple)

Termination Required at both ends of cable
Terminating resistor provided with each connector

Connector Types Device side: DB-9 for Macintosh 128K, 512K, 512K enhanced,
Plus, and LaserWriter/LaserWriter Plus; mini DIN-8 for all
other AppleTalk compatible Apple products
Network side: RJ-11

Transmission Speed 230.4 Kbps
Specifications RJ-11 LocalTalk Connectors - 2

Cable Type Unshielded twisted pair (utp)
Only outer pair of pins (pins 2 and 5) of the four wires are used;
inner pair, pins 3 and 4, are still available.

Maximum Cable
Distance 550 m (1800 ft.)

Regulatory FCC Class A tested
Certification No agency approvals required; not defined as a computing device.

Temperature 32