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File Number S360-30
Order Number GY28-6617-6

Program Logic

as BDAM Logic
Release 21

Program Number 360S-DM-509

This book describes the internal logic of the basic direct access
method (EDAM). It is intended as a reference book for
programming support representatives and system programmers
maintaining BDAM routines and for customer programmers
modifying BDAM routines.
A general understanding of data management is prerequisite
knowledge for understanding the information in this book. See
Data Management Services Guide, GC26-3746, for background
information on data management.
Seventh Edition (February 1972)
This book is a major revision of, and makes obsolete, GY28-6617-5. It corresponds
to Release 21 of the operating system and to all subsequent releases unless otherwise
indicated in new editions or technical newsletters. Changes may be made to the
information in this manual at any time; before using this manual in connection with the
operation of IBM systems, consult the latest SRL Newsletter, GN20-0360, for the
editions that are applicable and current.
Forms for readers' comments are provided at the back of this book. If the forms have
been removed, address comments to IBM Corporation, Programming Publications,
Department D78, Monterey and Cottle Roads, San Jose, California 95114.
For copies of this or any other IBM pUblication, see your IBM representative or call
your local IBM Branch Office.