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Inter-Office Memorandum

To SSL, spa Date May 17, 1979

From A Notetaker Location Palo Alto

Subject My First Transcontinental Trip Organization PARC/SSL

Filed on: [Maxc] Transcontinenta1.press, .memo


Please let me introduce myself, I am "Hankshaw", one of the first Notetakers to be completed. I
just returned from my first transcontinentai journey and I want to teU you about it.

You sec, some folks in California wanted to show me off (along with my sister "Batteries") to
Xerox people in Webster. Henrietta, Leesburg, and Ann Arbor. Being quite young, Batteries and I
had never been east of the PSA flight path, and so we were a bit apprehensive about the hazards of
transcontinental travel. To make the situation worse, our porters, Doug Fairbairn and Larry Tesler,
thought it would be interesting to see how rugged we were, and so subjected us to rougher handling
than we would have liked. Here's what happened, blow by blow.

\V cdllcsday, May 9

Things started out well enough. Barbara Baird and Doug strapped us onto luggage carriers and
wheeled us through PARC to Barb's station wagon. We were gently taken off the racks and loaded
into the wagon, handle-side-up. Suddenly we were surrounded by luggage, the motor started, and
we were off to San Francisco Airport.

At the airport, we were unloaded from the wagon and placed on the carriers again, handle-up.
Barb drove off and left us stranded in the airport driveway until our porters, with luggage in their
hanes and en, their' backs, tilted our carriers and pulled us to ~ insi~ the .air terminal.

No sooner were we on the check-in line but. an a1rHne ttl1lPloyee"eameover and lOldDouB we were
"too big" to be considered' "oaFr~~on luggage". ~mg we\vere too :bigwas insult enouoh. but
calling a comPQlerJ1ti~t~-~ r-eanyl J WaltlM loJquealth~ghmybuift~in sp.e.a~, bt~t ,alas. I
wasn't plugged In.. '

Fortut1a~~ly\fo~~sl Doug:refused;t6'let ~ the, "'"itlintf~~:~~., HJ~n