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Presario 1200 Series
Models: XL101-XL113, XL115, XL118-XL127

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Welcome to the Maintenance & Service Guide (MSG)

Welcome to the Maintenance and Service Guide (MSG) for Compaq Presario 1200XL Series
Portable Notebooks. This online guide is designed to serve the needs of technicians whose
job is to repair Compaq products.
For copyright and trademark information, refer to the Notice section of this MSG. To locate
your unit's serial number, to see symbol conventions, or to view technician's notes, see the
Preface. This MSG is updated online as needed.
For comments or questions about the contents of this MSG, contact Compaq.
To report a technical problem, contact your Regional Support Center or IM Help Center.
For help on navigating in this guide, refer to Using this Guide.
Presario 1200 Series
Models: XL101-XL113, XL115, XL118-XL127

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