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March 13, 2009
Clearing Data in Non-Volatile Memory in the
Keithley Model 6517B product
The Keithley Model 6517B contains memory devices to hold firmware code that is executed by internal
microprocessors to operate the product and memory to save setup information and data. The following
sections describe how the data stored in the memory devices may be cleared or destroyed.

Warning: Some of the procedures in this document may expose hazardous voltage and the risk of
electric shock or death. Only trained, qualified, technical persons experienced with the risks and
precautions of servicing electrical instruments should perform these procedures.

Description of memory devices and their use:
Microprocessors - contains some RAM for internal use and all information is lost when the unit is
powered down.

Flash - A 32-megabit flash device responsible for storing the firmware image and saved user setups.

SDRAM - A 64-megabit memory that holds data and instructions for firmware execution.