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1. Precaution
To avoid possible damages or electric shocks or exposure to radiation, follow the instructions below with regard to safety,
installation, service and ESD.

1-1 Safety Precautions
1. Make sure all protective devices are properly installed 5. Warning for Engineering Changes:
including non-metallic handles and compartment covers Never make any changes or additions to the circuit
when installing or re-installing the chassis or chassis design or the internal part for this product.
assemblies. Ex: Do not add any audio or video accessory
connectors. This might cause physical damage.
2. Make sure that no gaps exist between the cabinets for Furthermore, any changes or additions to the original
children to insert their fingers in to prevent children from design/engineering will invalidate the warranty.
receiving electric shocks. Gaps mentioned above include
ventilation holes of a too great magnitude between the 6. Warning - Hot Chassis:
vaccum tube and the cabinet mask, and the improper Some TV chassis are directly connected to one end of
installation of the rear cabinet. the AC power cord for electrical reasons.
Without insulated transformers, the product can only be
Errors may occur when the resistance is below 1.0 or repaired safely when the chassis is connected to the
over 5.2 . earthed end of the AC power source.
In these cases, make sure that the device is repaired
before sending it back to the customer. To make sure the AC power cord is properly connected,
follow the instructions below. Use the voltmeter to
3. Check for Electricity Leakage (Figure 1-1) measure the voltage between the chassis and the
Warning: Do not use an insulated transformer for check- earthed ground. If the measurement is over 1.0V, unplug
ing the leakage. Use only those current leakage testers the AC power cord and change the polarity before re-
or mirroring systems that comply with ANSIC 101.1 and inserting it. Measure the voltage between the chassis
the Underwriter Laboratory's specifications (UL1410, and the ground again.
7. Some TV chassis are shipped with an additional
secondary grounding system. The secondary system is
(READING SHOULD adjacent to the AC power line. These two grounding
systems are separated in the circuit using an
UNDER TESTER unbreakable/unchangeable insulation material.
EXPOSED METAL 8. When any parts, material or wiring appear overheated or
damaged, replace them with new regular ones
2-WIRE CORD immediately. When any damage or overheating is
ALSO TEST WITH detected, correct this immediately and make a regular
check of possible errors.
9. Check for the original shape of the lead, especially that
Fig. 1-1 AC Leakage Test of the antenna wiring, any sharp edges, the AC power
and the high voltage power. Carefully check if the wiring
4. A high voltage is maintained within the specified limits is too tight, incorrectly placed or loose. Never change the
using safety parts, calibration and tolerances. When space between the part and the printed circuit board.
voltage exceeds the specified limits, check each special Check the AC power cord for possible damages. Keep
part. the part or the lead away from any heat-emitting

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10. Safety Indication:
Some electrical circuits or device related materials
require special attention to their safety features, which
cannot be viewed by the naked eye. If an original part is
replaced with another irregular one, the safety or
protective features will be lost even if the new one has a
higher voltage or more watts.

Critical safety parts should be bracketed with ( ! ).
Use only regular parts for replacements (in particular,
flame resistance and dielectric strength specifications).
Irregular parts or materials may cause electric shock or

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1-2 Servicing Precautions
Warning 1: First carefully read the "Safety Instruction" in this service manual.
When there is a conflict between the service and the safety instructions, follow the safety instruction at all times.

Warning 2: Any electrolytic capacitor with the wrong polarity will explode.

1. The service instructions are printed on the cabinet, and 6. Insulation Check Process: Unplug the power cord from
should be followed by any service personnel. the AC source and turn the switch on. Connect the insu-
lating resistance meter (500v) to the AC plug blade.
2. Make sure to unplug the AC power cord from the power
source before starting any repairs. The insulating resistance between the blade of the AC
(a) Remove or re-install parts or assemblies. plug and that of the conductive material should be more
(b) Disconnect the electric plug or connector, if any. than 1 .
(c) Connect the test part in parallel with the electrolytic
capacitor. 7. Any B+ interlock should not be damaged.
If the metal heat sink is not properly installed, no
3. Some parts are placed at a higher position than the connection to the AC power should be made.
printed board. Insulated tubes or tapes are used for this
purpose. The internal wiring is clamped using buckles to 8. Make sure the grounding lead of the tester is connected
avoid contact with heat emitting parts. These parts are to the chassis ground before connecting to the positive
installed back to their original position. lead. The ground lead of the tester should be removed
4. After the repair, make sure to check if the screws, parts
or cables are properly installed. Make sure no damage is 9. Beware of risks of any current leakage coming into
caused to the repaired part and its surroundings. contact with the high-capacity capacitor.

5. Check for insulation between the blade of the AC plug 10. The sharp edges of the metal material may cause
and that of any conductive materials (i.e. the metal physical damage, so ensure wearing protective gloves
panel, input terminal, earphone jack, etc). during the repair.

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1-3 Static Electricity Precautions
1. Some semi-conductive ("solid state") devices are 6. Use only anti-static solder removal devices.
vulnerable to static electricity. These devices are known Most solder removal devices do not support an
as ESD. ESD includes the integrated circuit and the field anti-static feature. A solder removal device without an
effect transistor. To avoid any materials damage from anti-static feature can store enough static electricity to
electrostatic shock, follow the instructions described cause damage to the ESD.
7. Do not remove the ESD from the protective box until the
2. Remove any static electricity from your body by replacement is ready. Most ESD replacements are
connecting the earth ground before handling any covered with lead, which will cause a short to the entire
semi-conductive parts or ass'ys. Alternatively, wear a unit due to the conductive foam, aluminum foil or other
dischargeable wrist-belt. conductive materials.
(Make sure to remove any static electricity before
connecting the power source - this is a safety instruction 8. Remove the protective material from the ESD
for avoiding electric shock) replacement lead immediately after connecting it to the
chassis or circuit ass'y.
3. Remove the ESD ass'y and place it on a conductive
surface such as aluminum foil to prevent accumulating 9. Take extreme caution in handling any uncovered ESD
static electricity. replacements. Actions such as brushing clothes or lifting
your leg from the carpet floor can generate enough static
4. Do not use any Freon-based chemicals. electricity to damage the ESD.
Such chemicals will generate static electricity that
causes damage to the ESD.

5. Use only grounded-tip irons for soldering purposes.


These servicing instructions are for use by
qualified service personnel only.
To reduce the risk of electric shock do not
perform any servicing other than that contained in the
operating instructions unless you are qualified to do so.

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1-4 Installation Precautions
1. For safety reasons, more than two people are required 6. Keep the antenna far away from any high-voltage cables
for carrying the product. and install it firmly. Contact with the high-voltage cable or
the antenna falling over may cause fire or electric shock.
2. Keep the power cord away from any heat emitting
devices, as a melted covering may cause fire or electric 7. Check the basics of the screen test.
shock. - Image position/size, Tilt adjustment

3. Do not place the product in areas with poor ventilation
such as a bookshelf or closet. The increased internal
temperature may cause fire.

4. Bend the external antenna cable when connecting it to
the product. This is a measure to protect it from being
exposed to moisture. Otherwise, it may cause a fire or
electric shock.

5. Make sure to turn the power off and unplug the power
cord from the outlet before repositioning the product.
Also check the antenna cable or the external connectors
if they are fully unplugged. Damage to the cord may
cause fire or electric shock.

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