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Model CA-573
Keithley Instruments, Inc. 4-Pin Interlock Cable
28775 Aurora Road
Cleveland, Ohio 44139

The Model CA-573 is a 4-pin interlock cable assembly that is unterminated on one end.
Figure 1: Model CA-573-3 interlock cable

This interlock cable assembly is used with the Model 2657A-LIM-3 Interconnect Module. Connect this cable to the
INTERLOCK OUT connector on the Model 2657A-LIM-3 and connect the unterminated end to a user-supplied,
normally-open switch.
Install the interlock switch on a test fixture, on the enclosure of a semiconductor prober or device handler, or on the
door or doors of a test equipment rack. The switch must be installed so that it opens when the lid or door of the test
enclosure is opened. The switch must close when the lid or door of the test enclosure is closed.
With the safety interlock properly configured for a source-measure unit (SMU) test system using the Model
2657A-LIM-3, power from all the SMUs is disabled when the lid or door of the test enclosure is opened.
You can order the cable in four different lengths (see table below).

Model number Cable length
CA-573-1 40 in. (1.0 m)
CA-573-2 80 in. (2.0 m)
CA-573-3 120 in. (3.0 m)
CA-573-4 160 in. (4.0 m)

PA-1039 Rev. A / March 2012 1
Model CA-573

Electrical characteristics