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Volumes I and II

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Table Of Contents
Part 1 -- GPIB Interface
Chapter 1 -- Series MS462XX GPIB Programming Interface
This chapter provides an introduction to the MS462XX GPIB programmer interface and GPIB

Chapter 2 -- GPIB Programming Basics
This chapter provides programming information, including equipment and controller setup and
elemental GPIB programming techniques.

Chapter 3 -- Series MS462XX Ethernet Programming Interface
This chapter provides an introduction to the MS462XX Ethernet programmer interface and Ether-
net communications.

Chapter 4 -- Series MS462XX Programming Examples
This chapter provides sample program elements that demonstrate common MS462XX operations.
These sample elements are useful as an aid in developing MS462XX programs.

Part 2 -- GPIB Function Groups
Chapter 5 -- Measurement Functions
This chapter provides a detailed description of the MS462XX specific GPIB commands that control
the various data display and measurement control functions of the MS462XX.

Chapter 6 -- Calibration Functions
This chapter describes the MS462XX error correction (calibration) functions and the commands
used to implement a measurement calibration. Also includes the AutoCal codes.

Chapter 7 -- Markers and Limits Functions
This chapter describes commands used for data analysis, which consists of markers and limits
function commands.

Chapter 8 -- Remote-Only Functions
This chapter describes MS462XX functions that support operations typically required when in the
remote-only (GPIB) mode. The commands described consist of data transfer, error reporting,
SRQ/status reporting, 488.2 common commands, and synchronization.

Chapter 9 -- System Functions
This chapter describes the commands used to implement certain system functions. They consist of
hard copy, system state, save/recall, disk function, and diagnostics commands.

Chapter 10 -- Special Applications Functions
This chapter describes the commands used to implement the Appl key and other special measure-
ment functions.

MS462XX PM i
Part 3 -- Programming Reference
Chapter 11 -- Command Dictionary
This chapter provides an alphabetically-ordered, dictionary-type listing and description of all
MS462XX GPIB programming commands. The listing for each command includes relevant details
about the command. The chapter is in Volume II.

Chapter 12 -- Instrument Data
This chapter provides general (non-command specific) tabular information for the MS462XX. Much of
this information is presented in Chapters 5 through 10, but is provided in this chapter for easy ac-

Chapter 13 -- Error Messages
This chapter provides a list of all Error Messages including those related to remote-only (GPIB) op-
eration of the MS462XX.

Part 4 -- Supplemental Data
Appendix A -- Introduction to the IEEE 488 Bus
This appendix contains an introduction to the IEEE 488 Bus (GPIB). This material is intended to
assist new users in understanding GPIB basics.

Appendix B -- GPIB Quick Reference Guide
This appendix provides a quick reference to all MS462XX GPIB commands. Each reference lists the
command name, a brief description of the command function, and a reference to the pertinent
Chapter in this manual.

Appendix C -- Hewlett-Packard 8753D Codes Supported by MS462XX
This appendix provides discussion and a list of HP8753D codes that are supported by the

ii MS462XX PM
Part 1
This part consists of four chapters that describe how the
IEEE- 488 (GPIB) and Ethernet interfaces are implemented
within the MS462XX Vector Network Measurement System and
how to perform basic GPIB and Ethernet communications opera-

Chapter 1