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Tekscope Customer information from
Tektronix, Inc.
Beaverton, Oregon 97077

Editor: Gordon Allison
Acting Editor: Art Andersen

A Portable High-Performance Tekscope is a bimonthly publication of Tek-
Microwave Spectrum Analyzer tronix, Inc. In it you will find articles covering
The Tektronix 492 will make state-of-the-art the entire scope of Tektronix' products. Techni-
measurements over the range of 50 kHz to 220 cal articles discuss what's new in circuit and
GHz, both in the laboratory and under severe component design, measurement capability,
environmental conditions. and measurement technique. A new products
section gives a brief description of products re-
cently introduced and provides an opportunity
to request further information.
The Tektronix 492 Is A New-Generation
Spectrum Analyzer
A few years from now, someone will undoubt-
edly introduce a new spectrum analyzer that
improves on the 492. But that is in the future.
The 492 is here today.

Making Measurements with the 492
Some measurements showing the high stability
and signal purity capabilities of the 492.

Packaging A Spectrum Analyzer for
Performance, Maintainability And
Designing and producing a portable package
which would enable the 492 to meet MIL-T-
28800B was a challenging experience. The
key to success was the design of a crt capable
of withstanding severe vibrations and shock.

A First Converter With Field
Replaceable Diodes
Field replacement of mixer diodes exposed to Cover: The 492 Spectrum Analyzer, equally at
excessive voltage is easy in the 492, but that is home in the field as it is in the laboratory.
just one benefit.


A Switching Power Supply For The 492
Spectrum Analyzer
The weight of conventional supplies have
made the high-performance portable spectrum
analyzer a rarity until now.