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Quantum ProD rive SeriesTM
Intelligent Disk Drives

ProDriveTM 40S/80S

Product Manual

Quantum Corporation
730-00-9302 .

Rev: A
Date: 6/88
Quantum ProDrive SeriesTM
Intelligent Disk Drives

ProDriveTM 40S/S0S

Product Manual

Quantum Corporation

Rev: A
Date: 6/88
Quantum reserves the right to make changes and/or improvements to its products without incurring any
obligation to incorporate such changes or improvements in units previously sold or shipped.

Quantum publishes descriptive brochures and data sheets, Product Manuals, and Technical Reference
Manuals for each product line. In addition, important changes to a product are conveyed in the fonn of
Technical Support Bulletins which are sent to all product customers of record. Those changes which require
changes to the content of a manual are covered by publishing Addenda to the affected manual.

Quantum publications may be requested from your Quantum Sales Representative, or may be ordered from
Quantum in the same manner as spare parts.

Publication No. 730-00-9302 Rev. A


UL recognition granted under File No. E78016
CSA certification granted under File No. LR49896
VDE certification granted per File No. 11342-3250-2003/AIA

Quantum ProDrive disk drives are warranted against defects in material and workmanship for a period of
two years from the date of shipment. The warranty includes parts and labor. This is a limited warranty;
further details can be obtained from your Quantum sales representative. All requests for service should be
directed to the Quantum service center in your area.

Product covered or licensed under the following U.S. Patents: 4,538,193; 4,593,194; 4,639,798;
4,647,769; 4,647,997; 4,661,696; 4,669,004; 4,703,176. Other patents pending.

OCopyright 1988, Quantum Corporation. All rights reserved.
ProDrive Nand ProDrive Series Nare trademarks of Quantum Corporation.