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PL/I Checkout and
Optimizing Compilers:
Program Product Language Reference Manual

Program Number 5734-PL 1
(This program product is available
as part of composite package 5734-PL3)

Program Number 5734-PL2
Third Edition (September 1972)

This is a reprint of SC33-0009-1, incorporating changes
released in the following Technical Newsletter:

SN33-6036 (dated November 5th,1972)

This edition applies to Release 1.0 of the OS PLII Optimizing
Compiler, and all subsequent releases until otherwise
indicated in new editions or Technical Newsletters.

Changes are continually made to the information in this
publication; before using it in connection with operation of
IBM systems, consult the latest IBM System/360 and System/370
Bibliography SRL Newsletter, Order No. GN20-0360, for the
editions that are applicable and current.

Requests for copies of IBM publications should be made to
your IBM representative or to the IBM branch office serving
your locality.

A form is provided at the back of this publication for
reader's comments. If the form has been removed, comments
may be addressed to IBM United Kingdom Laboratories Ltd.,
Programming Publications, Hursley Park, Winchester,
Hampshire, England. Comments become the property of IBM.

~ Copyright International Business Machines Corporation 197n,

This publication is planned for use as a USE OF THIS PUBLICATION
reference book by the PLII programmer. It
is not a tutorial publication, but is
designed for the reader who already has a This puhlication is designed as a reference
knowledge of the language and who requires book for the PLII programmer. Its two-part
a source of reference material. format allows a presentation of the
material in such a way that references can
be found quickly, in as much or as little
The publication is in two parts. Part I detail as the user needs.
contains discussions of concepts of the
language. Part II contains detained rules Part I, "Concepts of PL/I," is composed
and syntactic descriptions. of discussions and examples that explain
the different features of the language and
Although implementation information is their interrelationships. To reduce the
included, the book is not a complete need for cross referpnces and to allow each
description of any implementation chapter to stand alone as a complete
environment. In general, it contains reference to its subject, some information
information nE~eded to write a program that is repeated from one chapter to another.
will be processed by the OS PLII Optimizing Part I can, nevertheless, be read
Compiler or the OS PLII Checkout Compiler. sequentially in its entirety.
It does not contain all the information
needed to execute programs. For further Part II, "Rules and Syntactic
information on executing a program refer to Descriptions," provides a quick reference
either the compiler's programmer's guide to specific information. It includes less
(for batch processing only) or its Time information about interrelationships, but
Sharing Option publication (for processing it is organized so that a particular
in a TSO System). question can be answered quickly. Part II
is organized purely from a reference point
The following restrictions apply to the of view; it is not intended for sequential
information given in thi* publication if reading.
the PLII Op1:.imizing Compiler is being used
under Releases 19.6 or 20.0 of the IBM For example, a programmer would read
Operating System: chapter 5, "Statement Classification" in
Part I for information about the