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File Number 1401/1460-01
Form A24-3069-2

Systems Reference Library

Tape Input/Output Instructions
IBM 1401 Data Processing System
IBM 1460 Data Processing System

This publication contains a description of the
instructions and timings used by the IBM 1401 and
1460 Data Processing Systems to operate the tape
units attached to them. The instructions and timings
for the following tape units are included in this
IBM 729 Magnetic Tape Unit
IBM 7330 Magnetic Tape Unit
IBM 1011 Paper Tape Reader
IBM 1012 Tape Punch

This publication is a portion of the reference text for Tape Input/Output Instructions (A24-3069)
the IBM 1401 and 1460 Data Processing Systems. The Section F Tape Input/Output Operations
full set of manuals provides a detailed explanation of
all the instructions used by the system to manipulate Disk Input/Output Instructions (A24-3070)
data. Detailed explanations of the instructions used Section G Disk Input/Output Operations
with the required and available input/output units at- Miscellaneous Input/Output Instructions (A24-3068)
tached to the system are also included. The reader
Section H Miscellaneous Input/Output Oper-
should be familiar with the IBM 1401 System Sum-
mary, Form A24-1401, or the IBM 1460 System Sum