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File Number 1401-28
Form C24-1464-3

Systems Reference Library

FARGO for IBM 1401

FARGO (Fourteen-a-One Automatic Report Generating
Operation) is a report generator that requires no expert
knowledge of programming techniques. This manual explains
the writing of report specifications and the preparation of
FARGO control cards to produce the desired results. Reports
can be prepared on blank paper or preprinted report forms.
The method requires a minimum of 4,000 positions of core
storage and is applicable to card input files only.
For a list of associated publications and abstracts, see the
IBM 1401 and 1460 Bibliography, A24-1495.
Fourth Edition

This is a reprint of C24-1464-2 incorporating changes released in the following
Technical Newsletter:

Form Number Pages Affected

N24-0231 10, 11, 14 July 24, 1964

Significant changes or additions to the specifications contained in this publication
will be reported in subsequent revisions or Technical Newsletters.

Copies of this and other IBM publications can be obtained through IBM Branch Offices.
A form is included at the back of this manual for readers' comments. If this form has been
removed, address comments to: IBM Corporation, Programming Publications, Dept. 425,
Rochester, Minn. 55901.