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7090 Optical Switch Cards

The Model 7090 Optical Switch Cards are
Use with 7001 and 7002
members of Keithley's family of switch cards
scanner mainframes.
designed for the Models 7001 and 7002 Switch
Mainframes. These cards simplify making
Optical switching card for the Model 7001 switching mainframe

accurate connections from one input fiber
channel to either eight or sixteen output fiber
channels. When combined with existing Series
7001/7002 switch cards, these optical switches
allow for hybrid switching combinations of opti-
cal, RF, and DC switching within a single switch
mainframe, extending the automated testing
Combine Optical, DC, and RF
Switching in One Instrument
The Model 7090 cards are compatible with all
Side Text

other Series 7001/7002 switch cards, so they can
be used in conjunction with DC switch cards
to control an LIV test system, as well as for RF
switching needs. All of the switches can be used
in one mainframe with a single GPIB address.
Meets a Range of
Test Requirements
Model 7090 cards offer a number of options
to ensure the compatibility of the switch with