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File Number S360-25
Form Z28-6620-0
Page Revised 3/15/66
By TNL Z31-5008-0

Program Logic

IBM System/3S0
Basic Programming Support

Program Number 360P-FO-031

This manual provides information on the internal
logic of the IBM System/360 Basic Programming
Support FORTRAN system. The contents are
intended for technical personnel who are
responsible for analyzing system operations,
diagnosing them, and/or adapting them for
special usage.

Form Z28-6620-0
Page Revised'3/l5/66
By TNL Z3l~5008-0

A user of this manual should read the
introductory section to obtain an under-
standing of the overall structure of the
system. From the material presented ~n
Effective~use of this Program Logic Manual that section, the user can determine the
{PLM} requires an ~derstanding of the con- functions accomplished by the various seg-
tents of the following manuals: ments of the system.

IBM System/360 Principles of Operation,
Form A22-682l

IBM System/360 Basic Programming Support
FORTRAN IV, Form C28-6504 The introduction to each segment gives
the overall logic of that segment, and
IBM System/360 Basic Programming Support indicates the routine/subroutines associat-
FORTRAN Programmer's Guide, Form ed with the different functions of the
C28-6583 segment.


The manual is divided into five parts. Each routine/subroutine description
The first part contains an introduction within a given segment provides the user
that describes the overall structure of the with a definition of the function and a
IBM System/360 Basic Programming Support description of the method employed to
FORTRAN IV system. This introduction is implement that function. A routine/
required reading for a basic understanding subroutine description, when necessary, is
of the system. The second part describes accompanied by a corresponding flowchart.
the control segments for the system, while Where possible, a name for the associated
the remaining three parts reflect the three portion of coding in the program listing is
functions performed by the system. placed on an indi viq.ual block in the f low-
chart. This name gives a direct relation-
Reference material for the PLM is con- ship between the flowcha.rt and the program
tained in the appendices. listing.

In addition to flowcharts for routines/
This PLM provides a comprehensive under- subroutines, flowcharts are provided at
standing of the FORTRAN IV system down to the introductory levels to supplement the
the routine/subroutine level. discussion of concepts and overall logic.

Copies of this and other IBM publications can be obtained through IBM
Branch Offices. A form has been provided at the back of this
publication for readers' comments. If the form has been detached,
comments may be directed to:
I IBM programming Publications, Rochester, Minnesota 55901

@ International Business Machines Corporation, ,1965