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Distributed 2nd T hnical
Office Systems Support Bulletin

August 1984
" ,

Disl.rlbuled Ii"'nd Office Technical
SY'st'ems Supporl Bullelin

Display.riler /5520
Communi cal ions
Error Analysis

By: Brenda Terry



August 1984 Edition
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(C) Copyright International Business Machines Corporation 1984

ii Displaywriter/5520 Communications Error Analysis Guide


Displaywriter Error Conditions 1
Error Condition 1 ............. . 1
Error . Condit ion 3 .... . 2
Error Condition 3 (Continued) 3
Error Condition 31 ............ . 4
Error Condition 32 ... . 5
Error Condition 51 ........ . 6
Error Condition 51 (Continued) 7
Error Condition 52 ......... . 8
Error Condition 52 (Continued) 9
Error Condition 69 10
Error Condition 81 11
Error Condition 82 12
Error Condition READY 13
Error Condition NONE 14

Communications Menu Sequence . . . . 15
Binary Synchronous Communications Program Diskette Task Menus Sequence 15
OCl Hints 19
Communication OCL Considerations .19
Abbreviations 21

Contents iii
G320-0164-0 ,07/84

iv Displaywriter/5S20 Communications Error Analysis Guide


This publication is designed to guide the audience to resolutions of
Displaywriter/5520 Communications Error Conditions. All communications menus
appear with correct menu selections and are repeated throughout the guide where
applicable. The sections included are: