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K Service Source

Macintosh Color Classic II/
Performa 275
K Service Source

Macintosh Color Classic II/
Performa 275
Basics Overview - 1

This manual includes
complete repair procedures
for the Macintosh Color
Classic II/Performa 275.

Figure: Color Classic II/Performa 275
K Service Source

Macintosh Color Classic II/
Performa 275
Specifications Configurations - 1


Standard 4 MB RAM, 256K VRAM, 3.5-in. hard drive (many sizes),
internal 1.4 MB floppy drive, user-removable logic board, 9-
in. color display, built-in speaker and microphone, keyboard,
mouse, ADB and power cables, system software installed on
hard drive (requires System 7.1)

Options Memory expansion kit
256K VRAM SIMM upgrade
Apple IIe emulation card
LC Ethernet card
Math coprocessor
Anti-glare, anti-static CRT
Specifications Processor - 2


CPU Motorola 68030 microprocessor
33 MHz
Built-in Paged Memory Management Unit (PMMU)
256-byte instruction and data caches

Coprocessor Socket for optional Motorola 68882 floating-point coprocessor
33 MHz

Addressing 16-bit data bus
32-bit address bus
16-bit internal registers
Specifications Memory - 3


RAM 4 MB of dynamic RAM on board
Expandable to 10 MB (100 ns or faster SIMMs)
Dual SIMM expansion slot (two 30-pin connectors)
Includes RAM disk software

ROM 1 MB of main ROM on board; 2 MB maximum of main ROM

PRAM 256 bytes of clock/calendar/parameter memory
Long-life lithium battery
Specifications Memory - 4

VRAM 256K of VRAM on board
Expandable to 512K of VRAM with 256K VRAM SIMM (100 ns or
faster VRAM SIMM)
68-pin VRAM SIMM connector
Specifications Disk Storage - 5

Disk Storage

Floppy Drive Internal 1.4 MB Apple SuperDrive

Hard Drive 3.5-inch, internal 40, 80, or 160 MB SCSI hard drive
Specifications I/O Interfaces - 6

I/O Interfaces

Serial Two RS-232/RS-422 serial ports; mini DIN-8 connectors

SCSI One SCSI parallel port; DB-25 connector
Connects up to six external SCSI devices

Apple Desktop Bus Two ADB ports; mini DIN-4 connector
Maximum of three ADB devices recommended
Maximum current draw: 500 mA
(Mouse draws 10 mA, keyboard draws 25 mA)
Specifications I/O Interfaces - 7

Sound Sound-input, external microphone port, 8-bit monaural sound,
sampled at 22 or 11 kHz
Monophonic sound-output jack for external audio amplifier or

Processor Direct Slot Macintosh LC-compatible, 96-pin PDS expansion connector
Specifications I/O Devices - 8

I/O Devices

Keyboard Standard 80-key Apple keyboard with numeric keypad; ADB
Soft power-on switch
2.5 mm travel, 18 mm vertical and horizontal pitch
Two-level tilt adjustment

Mouse Apple Desktop Bus Mouse II
New, ergonomic design

Microphone Built-in electret, omnidirectional microphone

Speaker Adjustable sound control on front of bezel
Specifications Sound and Video - 9

Sound and Video

Sound Generator Monophonic 8-bit digital-analog conversion using 22 KHz
sampling rate for sound input (capable of driving stereo
headphones or other stereo equipment through the sound jack)

VRAM Standard: 256K of VRAM on board; displays up to 256 colors;
Supports 1, 2, 4, or 8 bits per pixel
Enhanced: 512K of VRAM; displays up to 32,000 colors; Supports
1, 2, 4, 8, or 16 bits per pixel

Video Display Built-in, 10-in. diagonal (254 mm), 9-in. viewable (228 mm)
Trinitron CRT
512 pixels by 384 lines; 76 dpi
Adjustable contrast control on front bezel
Specifications Electrical - 10


Line Voltage 90