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Introduction to the
Fixture Simulator Function of the
ENA Series RF Network Analyzers:
Network De-embedding/Embedding
and Balanced Measurement

Product Note E5070/71-1
Introduction In modern RF circuit evaluation, RF engineers are often required
to process the measured S-parameters for various reasons. This is
mainly because of the fact that RF network analyzers only allow
measurement at well-defined 50 single-ended coaxial interfaces,
while current RF components take various forms in order to cope
with the ever increasing requirements for smaller size, smaller power
consumption, lower price, and so forth. The post measurement data
processing is time-consuming work including calculation with an
external computer and data transfer between the computer and the
analyzer. The fixture simulator is a built-in function of the ENA Series
network analyzer, which significantly simplifies and speeds up the
post measurement data processing. The fixture simulator contributes
to the following four major applications: