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1. Precautions

2. Product Specifications

3. Disassembly & Reassembly

4. Alignment & Adjustments

5. Troubleshooting

6. Exploded View & Parts List

7. Electrical Parts List

8. Block Diagram

9. Wiring Diagram

10. Schematic Diagrams
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. August 1999.
Printed in Korea
Code No.: BH68-00227A
1 Precautions
1-1 Safety Precautions
WARNINGS 2. Inspect all protective devices such as nonmetallic
1. For continued safety, do not attempt to modify the control knobs, insulating materials, cabinet backs,
circuit board. adjustment and compartment covers or shields,
2. Disconnect the AC power before servicing. isolation resistor-capacitor networks, mechanical
insulators, etc.
3. When the chassis is operating, semiconductor
heatsinks are potential shock hazards. 3. Leakage Current Hot Check (Figure 1-1):
WARNING: Do not use an isolation transformer during
1-1-1 Servicing the High Voltage VR this test.
and CRT : Use a leakage current tester or a metering system
that complies with American National Standards
WARNING:A high voltage VR replaced in the wrong
Institute (ANSI C101.1, Leakage Current for
direction may cause excessive X-ray
emissions. Appliances), and Underwriters Laboratories (UL
Publication UL1410, 59.7).
Caution: When replacing the high voltage
adjustment VR, it must be fixed by a 4. With the unit completely reassembled, plug the AC
soldering iron after it is properly set. line cord directly into a 120V AC outlet. With the