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MODEL 2700
M O D E L 2 7 0 0 M U LT I M E T E R / D ATA A C Q U I S I T I O N S Y S T E M

Table of Contents Introduction
The Model 2700 61/2-digit Multimeter/Data Acquisition system blends Keithley's
high performance DMM technology, our switching expertise, and our data
3 Overview
acquisition knowledge into a compact, affordable, easy-to-use package. This
3 Front and Rear Panel Views technical data sheet provides a comprehensive overview of the system and
includes complete detailed specifications.
3 Measurement Ranges
The Model 2700 Multimeter/Data Acquisition System consists of the 2700
4 Measurement Control Module Capabilities mainframe and a choice of five switch/control modules. The two-slot main-
4 Module Capabilities Overview frame allows two different types of multiplexer or control modules to operate
simultaneously. Input modules can be mixed or matched to provide a broad
5 Module Combination Selector Guide range of measurement, acquisition, and control capabilities.
5 Channel Configuration Capabilities The Model 2700 provides up to 80 channels of multiplexed measurement and
6 Scanning Capabilities control. Each channel can be configured independently. Settings can be con-
figured via the computer controller (over GPIB or RS-232) or the front panel of
7 Triggering and I/O Capabilities the Model 2700 mainframe.
7 Trigger Sources The Model 2700's ActiveX-based start-up software, Xlinx, enables users to con-
figure the system, log multiple channels of data in real-time, troubleshoot any
8 Alarm Limits
given channel, and send data directly to Excel or disk. Configuration is done in
8 On-board Data Storage the familiar Windows "point-and-click" environment; therefore, there's no need
to program or write lines of code.
9 Saving/Recalling a Setup
If you have any questions after reviewing this information, please contact your
9 Power Failure Recovery
local Keithley representative or call one of our Applications Engineers at 1-800-
9 Channel Monitor 552-1115 (U.S. only). Check Keithley's website (www.keithley.com) for the
names and numbers of representatives around the world.
9 Measurement Performance
10 Filtering
10 Line Cycle Synchronization Model 2700 System Diagram
10 NPLC Universal DCV
Input Modules Ohms
10 Offset Compensation Model 2700 Temp
11 Temperature Measurements Freq
12 Model 2700 Free Software
13 Calibration Isolated Switching
Analog Output
14 Model 2700 Specifications Digital Output

17 Switch/Control Module


Use mX+b or % Measure the ratio View a channel of Built-in Front panel input jacks simplify
scaling to convert or average of two interest without linearization for manual probing, troubleshooting,
sensor/transducer input channels. interrupting a thermocouples, and calibration. Built-in signal
outputs directly scan by using the RTDs, and conditioning with 1000V isolation
into engineering Channel Monitor thermistors. simplifies system configuration and
units. feature. ensures good measurements.

Initialize the Non-volatile Manually step Set the number Familiar DMM-like front panel
system with one of memory allows through channels of digits to be scheme makes it easier to use on
four fully time-stamped or scan displayed as well bench or rack. Select or change
programmable storage of 55k automatically. as the reading functions with the simple push
set-up conditions. readings. Configure each rate. of a button.
System channel
configuration is independently.
stored in non-
volatile memory.

Built-in digital I/O lines provide for Trigger Link enables tightly GPIB and RS-232
control, external triggering, and synchronized triggering with other interfaces are
HI/LO alarm/limit outputs. instruments in large ATE systems standard.

A variety of measurement and control Rugged 50-pin D-sub connectors Build-in noise rejection circuitry
modules let you mix, match, and change ensure dependability and quick ensures stable, predictable
input signals or control lines any time setup/teardown in production measurements.
you like. Install up to two modules at a test racks.
time to create up to an 80-channel
"mini-ATE" system.

M O D E L 2 7 0 0 M U LT I M E T E R / D ATA A C Q U I S I T I O N S Y S T E M

Measurement Ranges
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