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APL\360 - DOS
System Generation Manual
Program Number S736-XM1

This manual describes the procedure for generat-
ing an APL\360 system adapted to a particular
machine configuration, and the procedure for up-
dating an existing system to incorporate improve-
ments. It includes detailed instructions for
generating both the host system and APL, and an
analysis of common problems encountered in the

The appendices include an example of system
generation, a description of changes to the DOS
supervisor for APL, and instructions for adding
billing routines to the APL utility programs.
Reference is made to APL\360-DOS Operations
Manual, Form No. H20-068S.
First Edition (September 1969)

This manual and the program to which it applies are distributed without warranty on an "as is"
basis by IBM under a modified License Agreement for IBM Program Products, and an Agreement
of Understanding. Reference should be made to those documents for information on the con-
ditions under which this manual and the program are distributed.

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