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Multi];!~e _YM SY1>tem-"l Sh~arin&L
Cornell University is a long time user of VH/370. Since. 1980 we have
~~~stem Management Project John Bevis _ll.E _ __ operated a multi-CPU configuration. Until recently we had three 4341s
PROJECT SESSION CHAI RMAN INST.CODE and one 370/168. Currently we have one 4341 and one 3081 Model D.
NERDC. Room 107 SSRB, University of Florida, Gainesyi11e FL 32611 Our approach to backup paths is that we provide one secondary path to
SESSION CHAIRMAN'S COMPANY, ADDRESS, and PHONE NUMBER every device through a second control unit normally on a second
channel. On the 3081 the second channel is on a different data server
Richard Alexander of Cornell University (CUN) and Donna Walker of element (DSE) and a different channel set.
the Central Intelligence Agency (CAD) presented two views of the
problems and pitfalls of sharing DASD among multiple VM systems. We use an Intel 3805 solid state drum with two control units and 36 mb
Richard's presentation follows and Donna's foils may be found in of memory running in native mode (FB-4096). Both of these paging
Volume 2 of the proceedings control units have two channel switches.
All of our disk control units have four channel switches. We have
five IBM 3880s (10 control units or storage directors), two IBM
3830-2s, and two Memorex 3674s (equivalent to IBM 3830s). We have IBM
VH/370 AND DASD PLANNING 3380s, 3370s, 3375s, 3350s and Memorex 3650s (3350 equivalents) and
3675s (3330-11 equivalents). Scme of the IBM 3350s and Memorex 3650s
are running in 3330-11 compatibility mode.

There are three manuals I have found useful with descriptions about
RICHARD ALEXANDER the ramifications of I/O and VH/370. The first is the "VH/370