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J:.<'l.le No. 530U-28
Form C24-3337-l OS

Systems Reference Library

IBM System/360 Operating System
Report Program Generator

This reference publication contains ,fundamentals
of RPG programming and language specifications for
the IBM System/360 Operating System, R~port Pro-
gram Generator.

Also included is the job setup information for ex-
ecuting RPG.

The System/360 Operating System, Report may be several reports created simulta-
Program Generator (RPG) is a problem~ neously on different devices.
oriented language designed to provide users For information on the operating
with an efficient, easy-to-use technique system that is beyond the purpose of this
for generating programs that can: publication, refer to the following publi-
1.' Obtain data records from single or
multiple input files, IBM System/360 Operating System, System
2. Perform calculations on data taken Programmer's Guide (Form C28-6550)
from input records or RPG literals, IBM System/360 Operating System, Assem-
3. Write reports, bler (E) Programmer's Guide (Form
4. Use Table Lookup, C28-6595)
5. Exit to a user's subroutine written IBM System/360 Operating System, Concepts
in a language other than RPG, and Facilities (Form C28-6535)
6. Branch within the calculations, IBM System/360 Operating System, Data
7. Sequence check input records, Management (Form C28-6537)
8. Maintain files. IBM System/360 Operating System, Job
Control Language (Form C28-6539)
RPG uses a set of specification sheets IBM System/360 Operating System, Linkage
on which the user makes entries. The Edltor (Form C28-6538)
forms are simple, and the headings on the IBM System/360 Operating System, Control
sheets are largely self-explanatory. Program Services (Form C28-654l)
Although many reports use only one
input file, RPG can combine data from For titles and abstracts of associated
multiple input files to create a report. publications, see the IBM System/360
The output may be a single report, or it Bibliography (Form A22-6822) .

Second Edi tion

This edition, C24-3337-l, is a major revision of,
and obsoletes, Form C24-3337-0.
Significant changes or additions to the specifications contained in this
publication will be reported in subsequent revisions or Technical News-

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representative or to the IBM branch office serving your locality.

A form is provided at the back of this pUblication for reader's comments.
If the form has been removed, comments may be addressed to IBM Corporation,
Programming Publications, Department 452, San Jose, California 95114.