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1. Check headings on opposite page for general type of instrument. Use convenient edge marks to find
proper pages.
2. Turn to pages 1b through 5 for five pages of "Short Form Catalog" listing hp instruments by type or
function (example-"Signal Generators 50 KC to 40 GC").
3. Find equipment by its model number in the numerical index, beginning on page 262 at back of this
catalog (exampIe--"400D Voltmeter").
4. Find equipment by its name or title, alphabetical index back of this catalog, pages 258-261 (example
--"Digital Voltmeter").

Other Important Information
This catalog includes detailed information on all instruments available from Hewlett-Packard and
Harrison Laboratories. Information is also provided on complete lines or selected instruments and
systems manufactured by Hewlett-Packard divisions and affiliates. Ask your hp representative for in-
formation on new instruments introduced after catalog publication date.

Page l a contains timesaving suggestions for ordering. Pages 20 and 21 have information on service
and repairs.

Page% contains a summary of equipment available f r o m Hewlett-Packard divisions a n d affiliates,
indexed on the opposite page. Pages 9 through 17 offer brief descriptions of specific instruments
and systems manufactured by each member of t h e hp family. A special section on power supplies,
pages 243 through 257, gives complete technical data on instruments available from Harrison

In addition ro data in this catalog, information about application and operation of hp equipment
is found in hp Data Sheets, Application Notes and the Hewlett-Packard Journal, monthly technical _--
periodical from the Research and Development 1aboratories. These publications are offered without
charge; see page 22 for details.

Mail: 1501 Page Mill Road, Hewlett-Packard engineer-salesmen Mail: 54 Route des Acacias,
Palo Alto, California, U.S. A. are located in most major manufactur- Geneva, Switzerland.
Telephone: 326-7000, ha Code 415. ing centers in the United States and Telephone: (022) 42. 81. 50.
TWX: 415-492-9200. Canada, and principal cities overseas. Telex: 2. 24. 86.
Cable: HEWPACK. Names and complete addresses of Cable: HEWPACKSA.
Hewlett-Packard representatives and
sales offices are listed inside the back
cover of this catalog.

Hewlett-Packard Catalog No. 24, 4-63 A l l data in this catalog subject to change without notice.
Printed in U. S. A. Prices f.0.b. factory.
Instruments in this catalog are grouped by type or ficnction. Each
group is generally preceded by "Technical Data" pages
which summarize the equipment ofered in the group and discuss
circuit theory and latest measuring techniques.

. . . . . . .
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
. . . . . . . . . . . . . .
LOWFrequency Scopes . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
High Frequency Scopes . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
Sampling Scopes . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
Pulse Generators . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
AUDIO-VIDEO INSTRUMENTATION . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
Wave and Distortion Analyzers . ...
Oscillators and Audio Signal Generators .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. ..
Voltmeters, Ohmmeters, Ammeters .
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
Voltmeter Calibrators and Accessories . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
Amplifiers . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
Attenuators . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
Solid State Electronic Counters . . . . . . .. . . . . . .. .. .. .. .. .. .
. .
Vacuum Tube Electronic Counters . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
Digital Recorders . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
Frequency and Time Standards . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
Freqzcency Synthesizer . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
MICROWAVE INSTRUMENTATION . . . . .. . . . . . . . . .
Microwave Test Equipment Summaries
S-Band . . . . . . . . . . .. . . . . . . . . .
G, J-Bands . . . . . . . . . .
. . . . . . . . . .
H, X-Bands . . . . . . . . . .. . . . . . . . . .
P-Band . . . . . . . . . . .. . . . . . . . . .
K, R-Bands . . . . . . . . . .
. . . . . . . . . .
M-Band . . . . . . . . . . .. . . . . . . . . .
Coaxial Instrumentation . . . . . . . .. . . . . . . . . .
Noise Figure Measurement Instruments . . . . .. . . . . . . . . .
Power Measurement Instruments . . . . . . .. . . . . . . . . .
T W T Amplifiers . . . . . . . . . .
. . . . . . . . . .
Wavemeters . . . . . . . . . . . .. . . . . . . . . .
Signal Generators, Modulators . . . . . . .. . . . . . . . . .
Sweep Oscillators . . . . . . . . . .. . . . . . . . . .
Impedance Measurement Instruments . . . . . .
. . . . . . . . . .
POWER SUPPLIES . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .


B O O N T O N RADIO COMPANY . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
DYMEC DIVISION . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
F. 1. MOSELEY CO. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
SANBORN COMPANY . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Order by Model Number Terms
When you order, please specify the catalog model number U. S. terms are 30 days net. Unless credit has already been
and name of instrument desired. For example, "Model 400D established, shipments will be made C.O.D., or on receipt
Vacuum Tube Voltmeter." To prevent misunderstanding, of cash in advance. See additional information below if you
include significant specifications and specific instructions in are located outside the United States.
your order whenever you desire special options or special
features such as special color, nonstandard power line volt- Quotations and Pro Forma Invoices
age, etc.
Many Hewlett-Packard instruments are available in cabi- Upon request, quotations, or pro forma invoices, will be
nets for bench use or with 19" panels for rack mounting. furnished to you by your local authorized @ sales office, the
The letter "R" after the model number indicates a rack Hewlett-Packard Company or Hewlett-Packard S. A. Prices
mounting instrument. For example, "400DR." Catalog list- will be specified on an F.O.B. factory basis unless otherwise
ings indicate availability of cabinet or rack mounting arrange- requested.
ments. Please be sure your order indicates which you desire.
With many instruments, bench and rack mount models are Repairs
identical. An extensive service facility is maintained in Palo Alto,
California, to repair and recalibrate any Hewlett-Packard
W h e r e to Send Your Order instrument. In most cases repairs can also be made in the
Your order should be made out to the Hewlett-Packard field, either by your own service technicians or by factory-
Company and sent to Hewlett-Packard, through your local trained personnel at one of the field repair facilities main-
@ representative (see inside of back cover). See additional tained by your local Hewlett-Packard representative or dis-
information below if you are located outside the United tributor (see inside of back cover for loratioits aitd addres-
States. ses).
Local Technical Assistance Field servicing of instruments is normally faster since
transportation time to the factory is eliminated. If, however,
Technical assistance in selecting equipment and preparing you wish to return an instrument to the factory for repairs,
orders is available without charge from engineering repre- recalibration, or for any other reason, please contact Custo-
sentatives at authorized @ sales offices in the United States mer Service, Hewlett-Packard Company, 395 Page Mill
and in principal areas throughout the world (see inside
back cover for names aizd addresses.) In addition, a staff of Road, Palo Alto, California, phone: 326-3950, before ship-
qualified engineers is maintained at @ offices in Palo Alto, ment for instructions. Please give model number, name,
California, and Geneva, Switzerland, to supplement the serv- serial number, and as much other information as possible
ices available from your local representatives. concerning the reason for return. Non-warranty repairs are
made at the cost of labor and materials, plus a small service
Shipping Methods charge. See page 20 for information on warranty repairs.
Shipments to destinations within the United States and Repair Parts
Western Europe are made directly from local factories or
warehouses. Unless specifically requested otherwise, express Repair parts are ordered in the same way as instruments.
or truck transportation is used, whichever is cheaper and Please identify parts by the @ stock number shown in the
most serviceable to you. Small items are sent via parcel post. instruction manual, and if possible, by the schematic diagram
If rapid delivery is needed, we will gladly ship by the more circuit reference number. Model number and serial number
expensive methods of air freight, air express or air parcel of the instrument, and original purchase date should also
post when specified on your order. be given, if known. See page 20 for additional information.

Additional Information For Customers Outside the United States
Where to Send Your Order require special export packaging at a nominal surcharge of
In many countries, your order can be placed directly on $5.00 per instrument.
your local @ distributor or representative (see inside back Terms
cover). Alternatively, your order can be made out to Hew-
lett-Packard Company, (Hewlett-Packard s. A. if you are in Terms for orders from countries outside the United States
Western Europe) and sent to the appropriate Hewlett- which are placed on the Hewlett-Packard Company, or Hew-
Packard office, either directly or through your local @ au- lett-Packard S. A. are irrevocable letter of credit or cash in
thorized sales offices. advance unless other terms have been arranged previously.
Terms for orders placed on authorized Hewlett-Packard dis-
If m @ representative or distributor has, as yet, been tributors are mutually determined between the customer and
appointed for your area, your order should be placed di- the distributor.
rectly on the Hewlett-Packard Co., 1501 Page Mill Road,
Palo Alto, California, U. S. A. Quotations and Pro Forma Invoices
FAS, CIF, C & F, etc., quotations or pro forma invoices,
Shipping Methods as well as exportation assistance, are available on request
Shipments to customers outside the United States or West- from your local authorized @ sales office, the Hewlett-Pack-
ern Europe are made from the appropriate @ facility by ard Co., Palo Alto, California, or Hewlett-Packard S. A.,
either surface or air, as requested. Sea shipments generally Geneva, Switzerland.

QUICK REFERENCE INDEX (See Also Indexes BY Model Number and Instrument Name- Pages 258-264)

Oscilloscopes-DC to 1000 MC

Oscillators-0.008 CPS to 1 0 MC

Qymec instruments
Recorder Amplifiers, Accessories
Model Instrument Characteristics Page
F32 line follower reads recorded curves without need for magnetic ink retracing, follows slopes t o 85' . 17
1012 waveform translator permits plotting of repetitive oscilloscope traces on x-y recorder, down 3 d b a t 200 kc 17
solid state; amplifies high frequency signals from wideband transducers
860-40003 FIFO dc amplifier I O kc bandwidth; provides gain t o 1000; for use with oscillographic recorders II 4
solid state; useful for precision data reduction from resistance bridge transducers,
860-42003 floating dc amplifier thermocouples: 50 kc bandwidth: maximum gain of 1000 I I5

860-43003 differential dc amplifier solid state: narrow band, low noise amplifier for use with thermocouples, strain gages; I16
isolated, floating input, output; gain I000
Preamplifiers for 150, 350, 850, 950 Series Recorders3 IO

Distortion. W a v e Form Analvzers- 2 0 CPS to 1.5 MC
~~~ ~

Model Instrument Frequency Range Features Page

302A waveform analyzer 20 cps t o 50 kc oscillator tuned voltmeter; measuring range,
30 fiv to 300 v 78, 79
310A waveform analyzer: I kc to 1.5 mc I O fiv t o 100 v, digital frequency readout 80, 81
330B,C,D audio distortion, AM, FM monitors 20 cps t o 20 kc includes input amplifier, VTVM 82, 83
Signal Generators - 50 K C to 4 0 G C

?F. L. Moreley Co. 8SSanborn Company 'Hewlett-Packard Co.

Regulated DC Power Supplies

'Hewlett-Packard C o . , others are Harrison Laboratories

SweDt Freauencv Oscillators
Model Instrument Characteristics Frequency Range Page
b82C sweep oscillator I to 2 gc 228, 229
b83C sweep osci1lato.r 2 to 4 gc 228, 229
b84C sweep oscillator electronically swept; variable sweep width and rate: pulse, 4 to 8.1 gc 228, 229
H I-b8bC
O sweep oscillator square wave, frequency and amplitude modulation 7 to I I gc 228, 229
b8bC sweep oscillator 8.2 to 12.4 gc 228, 229 3
b87C sweep oscillator 12.4 t o I8 gc 228, 229
Microwave Test Instruments*

. .
t N o t available in Europe

Voltmeters and Ammeters-DC to 1 GC

logarithmic converter 20 to 20,000 cps

Model Instrument Characteristics Frequency Range Page

21 I A square wave generator output - 3.5 v p-p across 75ohms and - 27 v p-p across
ohms I cps t o I rnc 57
212A pulse generator pulse length 0.07 t o I O psec, output 50 v across 50 ohms 50 t o 5000 cps 58
2138 pulse generator 0.1 nsec risetime; I75 mv i n t o h m s 0 to 100 kc 61
214A pulse generator lOOv pulses into 50 ohms: risetime I O t o 15 nsec 0 t o I mc 59
215A I nsec risetime; output I O v peak into 50 ohms: continuous
pulse generator control over pulse lenqth, delay 0 t o I mc 60, 61
218AR digital delay generdtor time interval I t o 10,000 psec; adjustable in I bsec steps
- .______ I O cps t o I O kc 62
2 I9A, 8 ,C plug-ins for 218AR dual trigger, pulse, duration plug-ins - 62

5275A time interval counter 7-digit display, IO nsec resolution I O nsec to 0.1 sec 131

57961 transfer sync~ronirer phase-locks hp H06-5408 Transfer Oscillator to unknown 200 mc t o 12.4 gc 141
signal: eliminates drift problems
'Dvmec instruments
Other I nstru ments and Accessories

solid state dc amplifier


'Dymec instruments
Registered Trademark of t h e Hewlett.Packard Company. 5

The Hewlett-Packard plant at Stanford Industrial Park is designed to combine maximum efficiency and pleasant working
conditions. It provides approximately 400,000 square feet of floor space in four two-story buildings, plus a large under-
ground storage area. Additional hp manufacturing and service facilities are maintained at the former Palo Alto hp
plant now principally occupied by Hewlett-Packard's Dyrnec Division. Other hp manufacturing facilities are in opera-
tion at Loveland, and Colorado Springs, Colorado; Boblingen, Germany, and Bedford, England.

"The success of each Hewlett-Parkard instrument is assured only when meticulous care is applied
to everystep in its design and production. The instrument must be of an overall quality to
engender the user's highest pride of ownership."

This statement of corporate purpose and philosophy by major city in the free world.
Hewlett-Packard's president underlies the steady growth of Although Hewlett-Packard'sgrowth has been dynamic and
the company into one of the world's foremost designers and far-reaching, the company has never altered its original ob-
manufacturers of electronic measuring instruments. jective-to make significant contributions to the specialized
In its first instrument, a resistance-capacity audio oscillator, field of electronic instrumentation. T o this end`, it has con-
Hewlett-Packard pioneered the resistance-capacity circuit centrated its energies and resources on developing instruments
which is now an accepted standard for test oscillator design. which provide the greatest possible usefulness, accuracy, con-
First produced in 1939, the oscillator was the forerunner of venience, dependability and dollar value.
literally hundreds of precision measuring devices which are Among the principal categories of Hewlett-Packard in-
known, used and respected throughout the United States and strumentation are oscilloscopes, audio oscillators, voltmeters,
in some 70 foreign countries. noise and distortion analyzers, signal generators, power
Since its founding in Palo Alto, California, less than 2 5 meters, electronic counters and a complete array of waveguide
years ago, Hewlett-Packard has built an organization of more and coaxial instrumentation for microwave work.
than 6000 employees and an annual sales volume of over Since quality products are germinated by a superior en-
$100 million. The company and its affiliates now have a gineering effort, Hewlett-Packard maintains an aggressive re-
dozen manufacturing plants, including two in Western search and development program. Over the past several years
Europe, Its sales and service offices are located in nearly every its R&D expenditures have averaged approximately 7% of

Hewlett-Packard representatives will gladly demonstrate hp
equipment on your bench, Y o u also may view the latest in precision
instrumentation at hp exhibits in leading electronic shows.
its gross income. As a result of this consistently high invest-
ment, its engineering staff and laboratory facilities are con-
sidered among the finest in the electronics industry.
On the production end of its operations, the company is
manufacturing an increasing number of its own precision
components, including photoconductors, semiconductor
diodes and other solid state devices, These components con-
tribute an unparalleled degree of accuracy, dependability and
sophistication to Hewlett-Packard products.
The market for the company's instruments covers a broad
spectrum of science and industry. From electronic develop-
ment laboratories to radio and T V studios, from chemical
research facilities to aircraft plants, from paper mills to medi- Programmed on tape, this automatic milling machine mills,
cal laboratories, from hi-fi repair shops to space vehicle in- drills, reams, taps, bores with utmost precision.
stallations-Hewlett-Packard equipment is found in a wide
variety of applications. Production efficiency is increased with two hp innovations shown
To fulfill the varying needs of its many thousands of cus- here, "roller skate" conveyers for handling assemblies
between stations, and rotating "lazy susans" to speed wiring.
tomers, the company employs a large staff of factory-trained
field engineers. These engineers, whose primary responsibility
is to provide technical data and assistance to customers, are
backed by a Palo Alto-based customer service group including
more than 150 technicians and specialists. Together they as-
sure Hewlett-Packard customers of prompt, efficient service
in meeting their instrumentation requirements.
As Hewlett-Packard enters its second quarter-century of
growth and progress, the company intends to continue pro-
viding instruments which represent the utmost in elegant de-
sign and fine craftsmanship-a standard of quality un-
matched in the electronic test equipment field,

TOassure that each instrument is the outgrowth of specialized engineering knowledge and manufacturing
techniques, Hewlett-Packard has established four major product-oriented divisions - oscilloscopes, audio-
video, frequency and time, and microwave. Operations of these four divisions are in Palo Alto, California;
Loveland, Colorado; and Colorado Springs, Colorado.

In 1958 the company acquired 8074 of the stock of the F. L. Moseley Co. of Pasadena, California. Since
then it has acquired several other firms whose activities and products are directly related to the parent com-
pany's field of interest. These divisions and affiliates include:

DIVISION Founded in 1935, this firm was acquired by Hewlett-Packard in 1959. Lo-
cated in Boonton, New Jersey, the division designs and manufactures instruments for measuring electrical
circuit quality and testing aircraft guidance systems. It has gained wide recognition for its top quality imped-
ance measuring equipment, particularly its Q meters.

DIVISION Founded as a separate company in 1956, Dymec became a Hewlett-Packard division in
1959. Located in Palo Alto, the division produces instruments and systems in two broad categories of elec-
tronic instrumentation - digital data and radio frequency. Using a unique approach to standard system
design, Dymec instruments are combined with other Hewlett-Packard devices to form relatively inexpensive,
pre-packaged instrument assemblies.

H P ASSOCIATES This affiliated organization was formed by Hewlett-Packard in 1961. Headquartered
in Palo Alto, it is engaged in a most important activity-solid state research and development. Its prime
objective is to apply the highest level of technical competence to solid state R&D problems and to transform
the results of its scientific endeavor into new and improved devices for electronic instrumentation. Informa-
tion on available semiconductor devices can be obtained by writing directly to H P Associates, 2900 Park Boule-
vard, Palo Alto, California.

HARRISON LABORATORIES DIVISION Founded in 1954, this firm was originally engaged in the produc-
tion of television studio equipment. It later entered the power supply field, and today specializes in the de-
sign and manufacture of highly regulated dc power supplies. Located in Berkeley Heights, New Jersey,
Harrison Laboratories became a division of Hewlett-Packard in 1961.

F. L. MOSELEY - Founded in 1951, F. L. Moseley became an affiliate of Hewlett-Packard in 1958.
The company is a leading manufacturer of precision X-Y recorders and related instruments. It is particu-
larly noted for its top-quality line of Autograf recorders and accessory devices. The company has two plants
in Pasadena, California.

PAECO DrvrsIoN-Originally founded in 1951 as the Palo Alto Engineering Company, Paeco became a
division of Hewlett-Packard in 1962. Located in Palo Alto, the division designs and manufactures Hewlett-
Packard ac power supplies, static inverters, voltage regulators and frequency changers.

COMPANY Founded in 1917, this well-established company became an affiliate of Hewlett-
Packard in 1961. The firm is a leading producer of medical diagnostic apparatus and since 1949 has also
designed and manufactured a broad line of industrial instruments for measuring and recording such phys-
ical phenomena as stress, strain, pressure, speed, sound, vibration and temperature. Sanborn is head-
quartered in Waltham, Massachusetts.

Sanborn Instrumentation for Data
Handling, Recording and Readout
Sanborn Co. Industrial Division now supplies more precision oscillographic recording
systems and related instruments than ever before in its history. The product line covers the
entire recording and data handling process from transducers to readout systems and includes
six complete families of amplifiers; eight series of oscillographic, X-Y, event and magnetic
tape recording systems, and numerous related instruments. The complete Industrial Division
Catalog, available on request, gives detailed specifications and data. Write Industrial Divi-
sion, Sanborn Company, Waltham 54, Mass.
Single-Channel Portable Direct Writers
M o d e l 299 General Purpose DC Recorder
Reliable, compact, low-cost portable system for dc to 100 cps coverage. Sensitivity 10 mv/
div. to 10 v/div., smooth gain control. Input balanced to ground, 5 megohms each side. Fre-
quency response dc to 100 cps within 3 db. Max. non-linearity y2%, gain stability better
than 1%. Two chart speeds, marker stylus and cal. zero suppression. 7" x l O l / " x 12"
wide. 2 1 Ibs. Price $700. M o d e l 299
M o d e l 301 Carrier-Type Recorder
Identical package and recorder to 299, but amplifier for inductive transducers and strain
gages. Sensitivity 10 pv rms/div., 8-position attenuator. Frequency response, gain stability,
linearity same as 299. Carrier frequency 2400 cps @ 5 v rms. Transducer imped. (incl.
other bridge components.) 100 ohms min., input imped. 10,000 ohms. Uncalibrated zero
suppression. Output connector for scope, etc. Price $750.
M o d e l 302 Phase-Sensitive Demodulator Recorder
Useful for testing servo systems and components. Same package and recorder as 299 above
but with transistorized phase-sensitive demodulator-amplifier and power supply. D C output
to galvanometer proportional to in-phase or 180' out-of-phase ac component with respect
to reference. Sensitivity 0.5 mv, 10 atten. ratios, linearity better than 1%.Input impedance
100,000 ohms single-ended. Price $750.
2-Chan ne1 Portables
M o d e l 296 with Versatile 350 Preamplifiers
M o d e l 297 with Miniaturized 850 Preamplifiers
Except for preamplifiers, Models 296 and 297 are essentially the same 2-channel direct 4
writing systems. Model 296 uses the highly developed, max. performance 350 type; Model M o d e l 296
297 the miniaturized 850 type (see table on page l o ) . Both systems offer 0.1 v/mm sensitiv-
Ity (w/out preamps), freq. response from dc to 1 2 5 cps within 3 db, max. non-linearity of
1/2%, low drift and noise, two 50-mm wide channels, 4 chart speeds, paper take-up. Both
have forced air cooling, transistorized current feedback power amplifiers and enclosed,
velocity-damped galvanometers. Packaging can be in portable case, mobile cart or custo-
mer's cabinet. Less Preamps, Model 296, $1575; Model 297, $1675.
M o d e l 320 General Purpose DC System
Completely solid state, inputs floating and guarded. Weight 55 Ibs., occupies one cu. ft.
Current-feedback power amplifiers. Sensitivity 0.5 to 20 mv/mm and v/cm. Input imped.
yz meg. on mvjmm ranges, 1 meg. on v/cm ranges. Max. non-linearity 1/%. Freq. resp.
dc to 1 2 5 cps within 3 db. Common mode reject. 140 db min. at dc. Operates vertically,
horizontal or tilted. Price $ 1 6 5 0 ; rack mount 320R, $1800. Model 320-300 Paper
Takeup, $12 5. M o d e l 297
M o d e l 321 Carrier System
Same size, weight and recorder features as Model 320, but provides excitation for and
accurately records outputs of resistance bridges, variable reluctance, differential transform-
ers and other ac-excited transducers. Sensitivity 10 Fv rms/mm to 100 mv/mm in 7 ranges.
Frequency response dc to 125 cps within 3 db. Max. non-linearity y2"/0. Price $1495;
rack mount 321R, $1645.
M o d e l 322 General Purpose AC or DC System
Identical package and recorder features as Model 320, but with moderate gain direct-
coupled amplifiers. Sensitivities 10 mv to 10 v per mm. Frequency response dc to 1 2 5 cps
within 3 db. Common mode rejection 50:1. Max. non-linearity '/%. Model 322 with zero
suppression, $1395; 322A without z. s., $1295; rack mount 322R, $1545; 322AR, $1445.

Sanborn Medical Instruments
Sanborn helped pioneer "electronic" electrocardiographs in the 1920's and now offers
numerous clinical and research instruments. They include visual monitoring systems, car-
diac monitors, blood cell counters and a wide variety of physiologic recording systems for M o d e l 320
teaching, research and surgery. Sanborn medical instruments are sold through branch offices
and factory-authorized service agencies. Write Medical Division, Sanborn Company, Wal-
tham 54, Mass., for details.

Multi-Channel Oscillographs
Rectangular-Coordinate Recording by Heated Stylus
150 Series 1- to 8-Channel Systems
This widely used Sanborn design offers time-proven reliability, a choice of 12 interchange-
able tube-type preamplifiers with individual channel plug-in preamps, and choice of up-
right, portable case or 4-ft. "pulpit" cabinet packaging. Primary features include: response
to 100 cps within 2 db; sensitivity 10 pv/div to 0.1 v/div (depending on preamp used);
non-linearity less than 1% ; individual-channel current feedback driver amplifiers and
power supplies; rugged, high torque galvanometers. Recorders have 9 speeds (0.25 to 100
mm/sec) , horiz. chart plane, timer/marker stylus, stylus heat controls, paper take-up and
output connector on each channel for scope or meter.
350 Series M a x i m u m Performance Systems
These systems use plug-in preamplifiers of max. flexibility and signal handling capability,
with flush-front recorders also used in 850 and 950 systems. Preamps with power supplies
usable alone to drive scopes, meters, etc. System features: response to 150 cps within 3 db
at 10 div peak-to-peak amplitude; sensitivity 2 pv/div to 5 v/div depending on preamp
used; transistorized, plug-in power amplifiers preceded by limiters to prevent loss of gal-
vanometer damping; low voltage, enclosed galvanometers with velocity feedback damping;
150 Series 9 electrically-shifted chart speeds selected by pushbutton, 9 more optional; 4 cm channel
widths in 8-channel systems ( 5 cm in 6-channel); max. non-linearity less than y2%.
8 5 0 Series Miniaturized Preamp Systems
Preamplifiers only 2" x 7" (eight occupy 7'' x 19" of panel space), plus the flush-front
recorder described under 350 systems, are the major components of 850 systems. Preampli-
fiers, while slightly less versatile than 350 types, offer greater economy in space and cost with
no sacrifice in reliability or overall performance. They also permit the flexibility of 12-, 14-
or 16-channel systems with 6 or 8 channels having interchangeable amplification, the re-
maining 6 or 8 channels with "all-alike" high, medium or low gain 950 amplification (see
950 description below), Series 850 preamps are also used in the 2-channel Model 297 sys-
tem and Model 670B X - Y Recorder (see page 11). Max. non-linearity less than 1/2%.
950 Series M a x i m u m Economy Systems
6- or 8-channel 350 recorder with 6- or 8-channel 950 amplifier-or 16-channel recorder
(20 mm channels) with either two 950 amplifiers or one amplifier module plus eight 850
preamps. High, medium, medium-low or low gain 950 amplifiers have all channels alike on a
350 Series single chassis. High gain has floating and guarded inputs, 100,000 ohms resistance, max.
sensitivity of 10 pv/div, high common mode performance, low noise and drift. Medium
gain also has floating and guarded inputs, transistorized circuitry, max. sensitivity of 0.5
mv/div. Medium-low gain has balanced to ground inputs 5 meg. each side, max. sensitivity
of IO mv/div, optional calibrated zero suppression. Economical low gain has single-ended
inputs, ~ 0 0 , 0 0 0
ohm res., 100 mv/div sensitivity, useful for computer and telemetry outputs.
Ab-or 8-channel Carrier Amplifier provides 2.4 kc excitation and demodulation for


8 5 0 Series Basic Assembly 6-Channel $4870 (2 cabinets) $5215 $4625 $3000
Prices $4705 (single
(do not include . cabinet)
preamps) 8-Channel $5780 (2 cabinets) $6270 $5300 $3300
I 1 1 1
16-Channel I N o t available 1 Not available I Price on Reauest 1 Price on Requerc
PreamplMiar Types: Price of Preamps Chosen t o Basic Assy. Price)
( A d d Series No. Prefix)
-1000 DC $2b5' $250* -2000 Low Gain:
-I 100 Carrier $425' $365 6-Channel $1500
-1200 Phase-Sens. Demod. $445 $320 %Channel $1700
-1300 D C Coupling $250: $225' -2900 Med.-low Gain
-1400 Logarithmic $450 N o t available 6-ChanneI $2200*
-1500 Low Level $690' $435 6-Channel $1800
-1800 Stabilized D C $550' $375' &Channel $2500*
-2300 AC Wattmeter $600 N o t available 8-Channel $2100
-2500 RMS VolVAmmeter $600 N o t available -3400 Medium Gain:
-2600 Freq. Deviation $475 $375 6-Channel $3000
-2800 Freq. Meter $425 Price on Request 8-Channel $3500
-1500 H i g h Gain:
950 Series 6-Channel $3000
8-Channel $3600

`Includes zero suppression
Instrumentation Tape Systems,
Other Multichannel Recording Systems,
- Data Amplifiers and Transducers
650 Series DC-5 KC Optical System
System records 1 to 24 channels of high frequency signals-to 3 kc over full 8'' amplitude,
to 5 kc over 4'' amplitude-with a single set of optical galvanometers. Amplification can
be matched to application by choice of high, medium, low gain or carrier amplifiers in 6- or
8- channel 7" high modules. Max. system sensitivities, in order, are 2.5 mv/inch, 50 mv/
inch, 0.5 v/inch and 500 ,.v rms/inch. Recordings are made on 8'' ultraviolet-sensitive paper
easily loaded from front in normal room light. Traces fully developed within a few seconds
after exposure to room light. Recorder features incIude 9 chart speeds, auto-printed timing
and amplitude lines, viewing periscope, trace identification, marker control, remote control
connector. Price 8-channel Optical Oscillograph (less amplifiers) with std. 2000 cps gal-
vanometers, $4200. 8-channel pre-amp., $3780. Amplifiers optionally available to drive
any optical galvanometer.
670B Optical X-Y Recorder
Optical galvanometers and light beam recording on 8" x 8" ultraviolet-sensitive charts
permit this system to have writing speeds of 2500"/sec and frequency response to 130 cps 670B
within 3 db at 8" peak-to-peak deflections. Such rapidly changing variables as velocity vs.
acceleration of mechanical elements are well within the range of this recorder. Paper
is daylight loading, reveals traces almost immediately after recording and does not require
development. Model 850-1300B DC Coupling Preamps supply input to each axis; other 850
preamps may be used. Optional plug-in 670-800 Time Base Generator available ($250).
System price, including 850-1300B Preamps, $2635. Optional Model 670-900 Grid Line
Generator also available.
30- to 120-Channel Event Recorders
Accurately record on/off events as brief as 1.3 ms on dry-process, electrically sensitive M o d e l 360
charts. "Pulsed writing" provides sharp, clean traces, low power consumption and pro-
longed stylus life. Recorders designed in accordance with MIL I-26600/2, Class 1B, rf
Noise Spec. Optional choice of writing controls switch stylus voltages faster than typical
relays or switches, eliminating their cost and installation. Model 360 records up to 120
channels on 16" wide charts; has 9 std. speeds, 9 more optional; occupies 14" x 19" panel
space. Price $3900. Model 361 portable or rack mounted ?&channel event recorder has 4
std. speeds, 4 more optional, takes only 874" of panel space in rack. Wide variety of solid
state switching circuits available for use with either recorder. Specifications and price?
available on request.
` I! - M o d e l 361
Series 2000 Magnetic Tape System
Seven-channel FM or direct record/reproduce recording, 4 speeds, 1% system accuracy,
non-linearity less than f 0 . 5 % on dc, +I% on ac. Transistorized, conforms to IRIG
standards. Interchangeable FM and direct electronics for 7 channels, each only 7" high;
3 I$$'' total system panel space; vertical cabinet or separate portable cases. Both record and
reproduce amplifiers on same plug-in cards. Direct bandwidth 50 kc, fm 5 kc (at 30 ips).
Standard 4 speeds 3% to 30 ips; optional 1% to 1 5 or 7y2to 60 ips. Optional: voice chan-
nel amplifier, digital input card, push-pull input coupler, precision footage counter, loop
adapter, remote control unit. Model 2007 basic assembly, $5960; direct record/reproduce
insert, $155 ea.; FM insert $180 ea.; direct equalization plug-in, $30 ea. (one per channel
per speed req.) ; FM freq. plug-in, $40 ea. (one per channel per speed req.) .
Also, new 7- and 14-channel seven speed tape systems available.
Miniaturized Data Amplifiers
Detailed descriptions on Pages 114 - 116.

Motion, Pressure and Force Transducers
(For complete information, write Transducer Division, Sanborn Co.)
581 Displacement Probe: Displacement Probes give f.s. recording on Sanborn pre-amp and recorder from
0.001`' displacement. Max. non-linearity 1/2%. Ten versions, numerous adapters, from $125 to $185.
Linearsyn C3 D. T.: Linearsyn differential transformers, strokes from * 0.005" to t 1.0". High sensi-
tivity, shock and vibration immunity; immersible. Many specials available. Prices $15 to $60.
267 Pressure Transducers: Differential and single-ended liquid or gas pressure transducers, sensitivities
2 1 $v/O.O1 psig/volt excitation and 210 $v/O.Ol psig/volt excitation. Prices $225 and $250. Other
ranges up to 10,000 psi.
FTA Transducer: Low force transducer available in standard ranges from 0-1 gram to 0-10,000 grams.
FTA model (less adapter), $175.
M o d e l 7 DCDT: DC-excited miniature dc differential transformers--can drive dc meters or amplifiers
directly. Displacement ranges C0.050" to f 3.0". Model 7 DCDT-050 (+0.050" stroke), $99.
LVsyn: Q LVsyn linear velocity transducers need no excitation. Rugged, immersible, unlimited resolu-
3 / DCDT
tion, linearity better than 1%. Prices from $40 to $ 1 2 0 .
Boonton Impedance Measuring Instruments, FM-AM Signal
Generators, Aircraft VOR/ ILS/ DME Test Equipment
Boonton Radio, established in 1934, has specialized in the design and manufacture of precision electronic laboratory instru-
ments falling into three general areas : impedance measuring equipment, FM-AM signal generators and instruments for the
calibration of aircraft navigation systems. Impedance measuri ng instruments currently manufactured include Q meters, rf
bridges, production Q comparators, and transistor test equipment operating in the 1 kc to 610 mc range. FM-AM and sweep sig-
nal generators and accessory equipment cover the 100 kc to 500 mc portion of the spectrum and are designed to serve broadcast
FM, vhf-tv, and telemetering, as well as general communications applications. Specialized signal generators are provided for the
VOR and DME aircraft navigation svstems. the ILS aircraft landing system, and the ATC beacon. For information on the
entire Boonton line write BGonton Radio Company, Green Pond Road, Rockaway, New Jersey.

Type RF Range Q Range Res. C. Range L Range Price ment includes an accurate, continuously tuned oscillator,
260A 50 kc 50 mc -
I O 625 30 - 460 pf 0.09 y h 130 mh f 925 high-frequency bridge, amplifier-detector, and null indicating
- -
l9OA 20 rnc 260 rnc 5 1200 7.5 - 100 pf 4 m&h - 8.5 &h $ 975
280A 210 mc - 610 mc IO 25,000 4 - 25 pf -
2.5 146 m y h $2610
RF Range: 500 kc to 250 mc.
The Q Meter was first designed and introduced in 1934 Resistance Range: 15 to 100,000 ohms.
as a means of measuring the Q or "Figure of Merit" of coils. Capacitance Range: 0 to 20 pf (may be extended to 120 pf with
Improved models and broadened applications have kept pace auxiliary coils).
Inductance Range: 0.001 ph to 100 mh (actual range depends upon
with a rapidly growing industry, and the Q Meter is recog- frequency).
nized as a flexible, general purpose device with a broad field Measurement Voltage Level: 0.05 to 0.75 volts (may be reduced to 20
of application in the measurement of components and sys- rnv) .
tems. The Q Meter consists of a self-contained, continuously Price: $1,600.
variable, stable oscillator, whose controlled and measured out-
put is applied to a calibrated, series-tuned resonant circuit.
In the 260A and 190A, a high impedance vacuum tube volt- Q COMPARATOR
meter is connected across the internal variable capacitor por- The Q Comparator Type 265A is designed for the rapid
tion of the tuned circuit to measure the reactive voltage in production inspection of coils, capacitors, resistors and other
terms of circuit Q. In the 280A, Q measurements are made components for both Q and L-C. The instrument is essentially
by measuring the percentage bandwidth of the resonance a "production Q meter" and consists of a swept-frequency
curve and the direct reading dials mechanically compute the oscillator, Q meter-type measuring circuit with detector, and
transfer function and read out directly in circuit Q. Q meter CRT indicator which reads out % departure from a standard.
applications include the measurement of coils, capacitors,
resistors and dielectric materials. RF Range: 200 kc to 70 mc.
ange: 30 to 500.
RX METER %$ Range: i 2 5 % .
L Range: 0.15 ph to 15 mh (actual range depends upon frequency).
The RX Meter Type 250A is a completely self-contained C Range: 5 pf to 0.01 pf.
rf bridge for use in measuring the equivalent parallel resist- yo L - C Range: +- 5 % or t- 209% of standard, full scale.
ance and capacitance of two terminal networks. The instru- Price: $890.

Q Meter UHF Q M e t e r Signal Generator Crystal M o n i t o r e d Signal G e n e r a t o r
Type 260A Type 280A Type 225A Type 21 I A

Signal Generator Navigation A i d Q Meter Transistor Test Set
Power Amplifier Test Set Type 190A Type 2 7 5 A
Type 230A Type 235A
TRANSISTOR TEST SET used directly or, in turn, to modulate the Type 202H FM-AM
The Transistor Test Set Type 275A is a completely self- Signal Generator.
contained instrument for the precise measurement of basic ( L ) a n d ( R ) Frequency Range: 50 cps to 1 5 kc.
transistor parameters over a wide range of operating con- SCA Frequency Range: 20 to 75 kc.
I n t e r n a l O s c i l l a t o r Frequency: 1 kc.
ditions. The test set may also be used to measure the character- O u t p u t Level: 0 to 7.5 volts peak.
istics of diodes and other semiconductor devices. Direct read- Residual H u m a n d Noise: > 60 db below 100% output.
out of alpha (short circuit current gain, grounded base), Crosstalk: > 40 db below 100vc output.
beta (short circuit current gain, grounded emitter), and input Price: $915.
resistance (output shorted, grounded base) is provided with SIGNAL GENERATOR POWER AMPLIFIER
variable emitter current and collector voltage from the in- The Signal Generator Power Amplifier Type 230A is de-
ternal supplies. signed to provide high level rf power from a conventional
A l p h a Range: 0.100 to 0.9999. signal generator for such applications as receiver testing;
Beta Range: ? to 200.
I n p u t Resistance Range: 0.30 to 3000 ohms, voltmeter and wattmeter calibration; antenna, filter and com-
Test O s c i l l a t o r Frequency: 1000 cps. ponent testing; attenuation measurements. The amplifier, be-
C o l l e c t o r V o l t a g e Range: 0 to 100 volts, dc. cause of its inherently low noise may also be used for low-
E m i t t e r C u r r e n t Range: 0 to 100 ma dc ( 0 to 5 amps external). level applications.
Price: $935.
RF Range: 10 to 500 mc.
FM-AM SIGNAL GENERATORS RF O u t p u t : 0 to 1 5 volts ( m o s s external 50 ohm load)
RF G a i n : 30 db (10-125 m c l .
RF Output FM Dev.
Type RF Range Range Range AM Range Price 27 db (125-250 m c ) .
24 db (250-500 mc!.
202H 54 mc - 216 mc -
0.1 fiv 0.2 v 0 .250 kc 0 - 100% $l,365&- RF Bandwidth: > 700 kc ( 1 0 - 1 5 0 m c j .
195 rnc - 270 rnc 0.1 f i v . 0.2 v - C . 100%
225A I C mc - 500 mc -
0.1 uv 0.1 v
- 60 k c
300 k c
0 - 30%
$1,052 > 1.4 mc (150-50:) m r )
240A 4.5 mc - I20 mc I uv . 0.3 v -
51% ~ 3 0 % 30% $1,910 Price: $1200.

The Signal Generator, Type 202H, is designed for the SIGNAL GENERATOR CALIBRATORS
testing and calibration of FM rereiving systems in the areas The Signal Generator Calibrators, Types 245C and 245D,
of broadcast FM, Yhf-tl-, and general communications, The are designed to provide a rapid and convenient means for
Type 2021, essentially identical to the 202H, is specifically checking and calibrating the rf output and amplitude modu-
designed for coverage of the vhf telemetering band. The lation of signal generators. They will also provide a calibrated
Type 2 2 iA is a broadband, general-purpose instrument offer. low-level rf output voltage for the precision testing of re-
ing exceptional frequency stability. The Type 240A i s a cei ver semiti vi ty.
sweep sigqal generator and is designed for the alignment of RF Range: 500 kc to 1000 m i .
broadband amplifiers. Univerters, Types 203B and 207H are RF I n p u t V o l t a g e M e a s u r e m e n t Levels: 0.025, 0.05, volts.
RF O u t p u t V o l t a g e : 5, 10, u.v (245C).
available as accessories for each of these generators to extend 0.5, 1, 2 pv (2452)).
the rf coverage down to 100 kc. AM Ranae: 10 to 100%.
Price: $ i l 5 . (245C).
The FM Stereo Modulator Type 219A is designed to pro-
vide a multiplex output signal in accordance with FCC Docket AIRCRAFT VOR/ILS/DME/ATC BEACON
13506 when fed with Left (L) and Right (R) audio stereo TEST EQUIPMENT
RF Output
channel inputs and/or subsidiary communications FM sub- Type RF Range Range Calibrates Price
carriers (SCA). The output of the modulator may be 211A -
88 mc 140 mc -
0.1 uv 0.2 v VOR 8 ILS Localizer