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GC27 -0052-0
File No. 5370-36

HASP II Version 4
Systems User's Guide
Program Number 370H-TX-001

VS2 SVS Release 1.7
First Edition (September 1976)
This is the first edition ofa new pUblication that applies to HASP II Version 4.1 in support of
OS/VS2 SVS Release 1. 7.
Information in this publication is subject to significant change. Any such changes will be
published in new editions or technical newsletters. Before using the publication, consult the
IBM S)'stem/370 Bibliography, GC-20-0001, and the technical newsletters that amend the
bibliography, to learn which editions and technical newsletters are applicable and current.
Requests for copies of IBM publications should be made to the IBM branch office that serves
Forms for reader's comments are provided at the back of the publication. If the forms have
been removed, comments may be addressed to IBM Corporation, P. O. Box 50020, Program-
ming Publishing, San Jose, California 95150. All comments and suggestions become the
property of IBM.

@Copyright International Business Machines Corporation 1976
HASP is an optional program not required for the operation of an OS/VS2 SVS
~ystem. This book is intended for programmers at installations that have chosen to
-stall HASP.
This book is divided into four sections: