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Electrical Part List

5. Electrical Part List
5-1 PS42D5SX/XEC Service Item
Yon can search for the updated part code through ITSELF web site.
Loc.No. Code No. Description Specification Q'ty SA/SNA
T0074 BN59-00471A REMOCON PS42D5S,TM79,17.5x4.5x2,SAMSUNG 1 S.A
T0054 BN64-00122A SCREEN-EMI,FILTER FILTER,42P3,984*584,T3 1 S.A
T0079 BN94-00682B ASSY PCB MISC-MAIN PS42D4S,D72A,EU,BN41- 1 S.A
M0013 BN96-01786C ASSY COVER P-REAR SP-R4232,SECC,BLM 5113 1 S.A
T0159 BN96-01856A ASSY PCB P-SMPS SPD-50P5HD(DC_DC),200Vin 1 S.A
T0159 BN96-01923A ASSY PCB P-SMPS PS-42S5S,100~240V 1 S.A
T0044 BN96-01887A ASSY PDP MODULE P M1,PS42S5S,D,V4,1002?