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AMD GeodeTM SC1200/SC1201
Processor Silicon Revision
D3 to D3.3 Differences

1.0 Scope
The purpose of this document is to describe the differences 2.1.2 Pb-Free Package Improvement
between silicon revision D3 and D3.3 of the AMD GeodeTM The Pb-free package requires a higher soldering tempera-
SC1200 and SC1201 processors. Hence, providing the ture. A small change was made on the top metal layer to
system designer with the necessary information to migrate reduce the increased stress on the die due to the increased
from revision D3 to D3.3. Each difference notes if there are soldering temperature. This change is not a functional
any hardware or software implications specifically related change.
to upgrading a revision D3 designed motherboard to revi-
sion D3.3 silicon.