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PN50C540G3FXZA Fast Track Troubleshooting Manual - Rev 1/10/12

Buffer Y
Vs Va Vsc Ve
X Main
Please check GSPN for parts update!

Y Main Logic PCB
Buffer X

Main PCB

Buffer E Buffer F

Please check Samsung.com for
HELP : 1-888-751-4086 (Tech Support) latest update!
1-866-894-0637 (FE) Firmware for SX1 Model
GSPN -. Version : 1016.3
http://gspn3.samsungcsportal.com -. Folder Name: T-TDT5AUSC
PLUS ONE -. Related Models
http://my.plus1solutions.net/clientPortals/samsung . PDP: C500, C530, C540, C550, C590
-. Description
HOT TIPS This firmware will prevent below
-Power On Problems: (pg. 3) problems
. Picture Noise on specific channels
-Video Problems: (pg. 4) . Distorted picture on 70Hz, 75 Hz 1
Version 1014.1-To improve HDMI 24P
PN50C540G3FXZA Fast Track Troubleshooting Manual

Power On Sequence
-STBY 5V (Pin 2 CN801)
-PS_ON (approx 3.3V