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K Service Source

Apple 400K Drive
K Service Source

Take Apart
Apple 400K Drive
Take Apart 400K Mechanism - 1

400K Mechanism
Before you begin, turn disk
drive over, bottom facing

1 Remove the six screws
from the bottom cover.
Lift the back of the cover
about an inch and pull it
out from the front bezel.
Take Apart 400K Mechanism - 2

2 Lift the back of the metal
drive housing--being
sure to support the cable
connector--and remove
the drive from the
bottom cover.
Take Apart 400K Mechanism - 3

3 Remove the cable

4 Remove the screw that
holds the grounding tab
in place.

5 Remove the screw on the
outside of the metal
drive housing and slide
the drive from the
K Service Source

Exploded View
Apple 400K Drive
Exploded View 1