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About this Manual

We've added this manual to the Agilent website in an effort to help you support
your product. This manual is the best copy we could find; it may be incomplete
or contain dated information. If we find a more recent copy in the future, we will
add it to the Agilent website.

Support for Your Product

Agilent no longer sells this product. Our service centers may be able
to perform calibration and repair if necessary, but no other support from
Agilent is available. You will find any other available product information on the
Agilent Test & Measurement website, www.tm.agilent.com.

HP References in this Manual

This manual may contain references to HP or Hewlett-Packard. Please note that
Hewlett-Packard's former test and measurement, semiconductor products and
chemical analysis businesses are now part of Agilent Technologies. We have
made no changes to this manual copy. In other documentation, to reduce
potential confusion, the only change to product numbers and names has been in
the company name prefix: where a product number/name was HP XXXX the
current name/number is now Agilent XXXX. For example, model number
HP8648A is now model number Agilent 8648A.