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Features SBC2440-I SBC2440-II
CPU Samsung S3C2440A
SDRAM 64Mbyte
Nand flash 64Mbyte
Nor flash 1M No
10M Ethernet interface Yes
100M Ethernet interface DM9000 No
Standard serial port Yes
Extensive serial port 2 ST16C2550 No
USB Host 1 or 2 through jumper settings 1
USB Slave 1 1
SD/MMC card socket Yes
Audio In/Out Yes
System clock OSC 2 1
RTC Internal or external Internal
IDE interface Yes No
System bus driver buildup Yes No
Camera interface Yes Yes
LCD interface Yes
Jtag interface 10pin 20pin
1.25V kernel voltage MAX8860EUA18 LM1117
System bus interface No 44pin connector
User buttons Yes
User LED Yes
GPIO connector Yes Yes
Size 134 x 93.5 mm 120 x 100 mm