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GC28-1351 -0
File No. S37(}'36

Program Product Architecture
JCL User's Guide

MVS/System Product:

JES2 Version 25740-XC6
J ES3 Version 2 5665-291

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This edition applies to the following program products:
MVS/System Product - JES2 Version 2 Release 1.2 (program number 5740-XC6)

MVS/System ~duct - JES3 Version 2 Release 1.2 (program number 5665-291)

MVS/Extended Architecture Data Facility Product (DFP) Release 1.2 (program
number 5665-284)
Resource Access Control Facility (RACF) Version 1 Release 6 and later (program
number 5740-XXH)

Do not replace your existing documentation until your system consists of the above releases (1) of the base
control program with JES2 or JES3 and (2) of DFP.
Note: Because this new book has been improved and contains maintenance changes, installations using
Version 2 Release 1.2 should use this book with its companion book, CG28-1352, even though the
former book, GC28-1l48-2 or GC28-Jl48-3, also reflects Version 2 Release 1.2.

First Edition (May, 1985)
This book and MVS/Extended Architecture JCL Reference, GC28-1352-0, form a major
revision of, and obsolete:

GC28-1148-2 with Technical Newsletter GN28-1013

Technical changes or additions to the text and illustrations are indicated by a vertical line
to the left of the change.

This edition applies to the program releases listed in the box above and to all subsequent
releases until otherwise indicated in new editions or Technical Newsletters. The book,
MVS/Extended Architecture JCL, GC28-1148-1, applies to Version 2 Release 1.1 and may
now be ordered using the temporary order number GQ28-1148.

Changes are made periodically to the information herein; before using this publication in
connection with the operation of IBM systems, consult the latest IBM System/370 and
4300 Processors Bibliography, GC20-0001, for the editions that are applicable and current.

References in this publication to IBM products, programs, or services do not imply that
IBM intends to make these available in all countries in which IBM operates. Any
reference to an IBM program product in this publication is not intended to state or imply
that only IBM's program product may be used. Any functionally equivalent program may
be used instead.

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