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Series I 1

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--_ .- Series/1

Twelfth Edition (March 1987)

This is a major revision of, and obsoletes, G360-0061-10. Information for Series/1 products and
services is included as of January 1987. Prices for these products are in the IBM Series /l Pocket
Digest, GX34-0104. Changes will be periodically made to the information herein; any such changes
will be reported in subsequent revisions or supplements.

It is possible that this material may contain reference to, or information about, IBM products
(machines and programs), programming, or services that are not announced in your country. Such
references or information should not be construed to mean that IBM intends to announce such IBM
products, programming, or services in your country.

The term network has at least two meanings. A public network is a network established and operated
by common carriers or telecommunications administrations for the specific purpose of providing
circuit-switched, packet-switched, and nonswitched-circuit services to the public. A user application
network is a configuration of data processing products (such as processing units or work stations)
established and operated by users for the purpose of data processing or information exchange; such a
network may use transport services offered by common carriers or telecommunications
administrations. Network , as used in this publication, refers to a user application network.

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This publication could contain technical inaccuracies or typographical errors. Products listed in this
publication may no longer be available.

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Florida 33429-1328.