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Maintenance Library

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3276/3278 Keyboard Assembly
Parts Catalog

S 126-0029-0

This Parts Catalog (PC) contains listings
and illustrations of all replaceable assem-
blies, subassemblies and detail parts
released to Production Control on or before
September 1, 1982 for the 3276/3278
Keyboard Assemblies.

First Edition (January 1983)
Changes that affect this catalog are made periodically; any such changes will
be reported in subsequent revisions or Technical Newsletters.

The drawings and specifications contained herein shall not be reproduced in
whole or in part without written persmission.

mM has prepared this maintenance manual for the use of mM customer engineers
in the installation, maintenance and repair of the specific machines indicated.
mM makes no representations that it is suitable for any other purpose.

It is possible that this material may contain reference to, or information about,
mM products (machines and programs), programming or services which are not
announced in your country. Such references or information must not be
construed to mean that IBM intends to announce such mM products, programming
or services in your country.

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or to the mM branch office servicing your locality.

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form has been removed, comments may be addressed to mM Corporation,
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