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TravelMate 630
Service Guide

Service guide files and updates are available
on the CSD web; for more information,
please refer to http://csd.acer.com.tw

PART NO.: 91 .43U01.001
Revision History
Please refer to the table below for the updates made on Travelmate 630 service guide.

Date Chapter Updates
02/23/2002 Chapter 1 Modify battery specifications.
02/25/2002 Chapter 5 Add PCB number
03/14/2002 Chapter 1 Correct Typo- SmartCard slot
03/19/2002 Chapter 1 Add Note for RF receiver socket
03/22/2002 Chapter 1 Delet " One PS/2 keyboard/mouse port" in Features and
item 9 " speaker-outputs sound in Front View, and correct
the board layout top view " Line-out Port" and " Line-in Port"