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Part Number: 46L2854


ThinkPad 240 Quick Reference and Service Information
Your Name: _______________________________ Company Name: _______________________________ Model Number: _______________________________ Serial Number: _______________________________ Company or Reseller Service: _______________________________ IBM Service Website: _______________________________ IBM Service Number: _______________________________

Copyright IBM Corp. 1999

Drive Numeric in use lock Caps lock Scroll lock Power on

Battery status Built-in microphone Power button TrackPoint Internal speaker

Suspend mode


PS/2 connector TrackPoint buttons Universal serial bus (USB) connector Infrared port

Suspend lamp Serial connector Parallel connector

Battery status lamp PC Card slot PC Card eject button

Battery pack External monitor connector Power jack

Headphone jack Line-in jack Microphone jack External diskette drive connector

Security keyhole Internal modem port

Function Keys
Key Combination Fn + F3 Fn + F4 Fn + F5 Fn + F6 Fn + F7 Fn + F8 Fn + F9 Fn + F10 (PrtSc) Fn + F11 (ScrLk) Fn + F12 (Pause) Fn + zero (0) : (SysRq) Result Enters standby mode. Enters suspend mode. Decreases the LCD brightness. Increases the LCD brightness. Changes the display output location. Changes the power mode during battery power operation. Enters the computer into hibernation mode. Prints the screen image. Enables or disables the scroll lock mode. Pauses the current operation. Activates the system request function. Note: The SysRq key is used by computer terminals to get the attention of a central computer. Fn + minus sign () : (NumLk) Fn + equal sign (=) : (Break) Fn + : PgUp Fn + : PgDn Fn + : (Home) Enables or disables the numeric keypad. Signals a break.

Page Up (moves the cursor up one page). Page Down (moves the cursor down one page). Home (moves the cursor to the beginning of the document).

Key Combination Fn + : (End) Fn + Right shift : (Caps Lock) Fn + Insert Fn + Delete Fn + Backspace

Result End (moves the cursor to the end of the document). Toggles the Caps Lock.

Decreases the speaker volume. Increases the speaker volume. Mutes the speaker volume.

Getting Service
Always read the Solving Computer Problems chapter of your User's Reference before calling IBM. During the warranty period, you can get help and information from the International Warranty Service (IWS) in your country. Before you call, fill out the front of this card. Also have: Exact wording of any error messages Hardware and software configuration information Description of the problem Information and serial numbers of any options installed on your system

International Warranty Service
This IBM product is eligible for IWS wherever your machine type is sold by IBM. Your computer must be registered to receive international service. To register, call one of the following IWS offices:
Southeast Asia, Australia, New Zealand, and Hong Kong: Canada, Latin America, and the U.S.: Europe, Middle East, and Africa: 61-2-9354-4171 1-800-497-7426 44-1475-893638

Japan, Korea, China (except Hong Kong), and Taiwan:


Help through a ThinkPad Web Site
The latest information about ThinkPad computers: http://www.ibm.com/thinkpad Technical support information: http://www.ibm.com/support

ThinkPad Configuration Program
You can manipulate your hardware system settings with the ThinkPad Configuration Program. To start the ThinkPad Configuration Program, click on Start, move the cursor to Programs, IBM, then ThinkPad Configuration.

For more information, click on the Help button ( ).

TrackPoint Setting
You can customize such TrackPoint functions as Press-to Select, and Sensitivity. Click on Start, move the cursor to Settings, Control Panel, then double-click on the TrackPoint icon.

For Further Information
You can find the following information in your ThinkPad user's manuals:
User's Reference Getting familiar with your computer Extending the features of your computer Protecting your computer Troubleshooting Getting service Features and specifications Product warranties and notices Glossary and index Online User's Guide Using your computer outside your country Using audio and modem features Protecting your computer Operating with a battery pack Using a PC Card Resolving system resource conflicts Troubleshooting Installing software Managing your system Using PS2 commands Note: To see the Online User's Guide, click on Start, move the cursor to Programs, ThinkPad, then ThinkPad Online User's Guide.