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Information Technology Group
Systems Development Division
January 19, 1977

To: Wendell Shultz
Copies to: Dav'id Liddle, Chuck Thacker, Ron Rider, Bob Metcalfe, C. Simonyi,
S. Wallace, D. Stottlemyre, J. Szelong, P. Heinrich, L. Bergsteinsson

From: Charles Irby
Subject: January Status Report for Common Software
Filed on: ProgressJan

General: The reorganization of the System Software Section should improve progress in
the Common Software area. A transition period of two to four weeks is expected
before the new roles stablize and the Common Software Group begins to benifit from a
full-time manager.
User Interface: The User Interface Group sponsored a one day workshop on "Desktop
Concepts and Display Windows." Demonstrations and discllssions were presented of
Smalltalk, Woodstock, the Program Librarian user interface prototype, and an Alto-based
user interface to Interlisp (executing on Maxc). These were followed by a general
discussion period. A summary description of the highlights will be published in the near
The followup visit to the legal firm in San Francisco has not yet taken place. We are
awaiting permission from the firm.
Activity is currently being focused on the specification of an initial user interface for the
Diamond prototype. An initial release is planned for the first week in February with an
update by the first of March.
Jack Newlin has accepted a position with the Common Software Group. He has a strong
graphics background and is expected to work with PARC, Applications Software, and
Prototype Software groups in integrating graphics into Diamond. He will also help in user
interface and data management issues related to graphics and will become familiar with
font creation.
Betty Burr has not officially accepted our offer but is expected to join our User Interface
Group. If she accepts, she will bring a non-technical, trainer's perspective to bear on the
design of the DWP user interface and will focus on training problems and approaches
(working with OSD personnel).

Data Management: The Pilot functional Spec is being reviewed for adaql1acy relative to data
management. Also being considered are relationships of data management to memory and
process management. To whatever degree seems appropriate, the responsibility for the
transaction facilities may be transfered to Data management. Paul McJones is now
working full time in this area. llob Ayers will begin to split his time between Tools and
Data Management shortly and will transfer entirely once an implementation of the tools
environment is well underway. Jack Newlin will also participate in this activity as
mentioned above.