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PN58C7000YFXZA Fast Track Troubleshooting Manual, Rev. 1/10/12
No Service Bulletins
Y Buffer
X Buffer

X Main
Please check GSPN for parts update!

Y Main Quick Parts List:

Version Parts No Short Description
I001 BN44-00334A SMPS
Logic I001 BN94-03313S Main PCB
Main I001 BN96-12687A Buffer F
I001 BN96-12688A Buffer G
I001 BN96-14111A Logic Main PCB
Woofer I001 BN96-14504C Function & IR PCB
Buffer G I001 BN96-14977A X Main
Buffer F I001 BN96-14978A Buffer X
Buffer E
I001 BN96-14979A Y Main
I001 BN96-14980A Y - Upper
Latest Firmware: Please check I001 BN96-14981A Y - Lower
HELP : 1-888-751-4086 (Tech Support) Samsung.com for latest update! I001 BN96-14982A Buffer E
1-866-894-0637 (FE) 2010 PDP Firmware for Valencia 1G (T- I001 BN96-13433A Panel
GSPN VALAUSC, 1035.0) I001 BN63-06485A Bottom Cover
http://gspn3.samsungcsportal.com Firmware for Valencia 1G Model I001 BN96-12996B Front Cover
-. Version : 1035.0. Name: T-VALAUSC I001 BN96-13009B Rear Cover
PLUS ONE -. Related Models: PDP: C6400, C6500, C7000,
http://my.plus1solutions.net/clientPortals/samsung I001 BN96-13026A Stand Base
C8000 I001 BN96-14267A Stand Guide
-. Desc: Support Netflix 2.1 and MLB.tv apps.
I001 BN40-00162A Tuner
HOT TIPS and this firmware prevents below issues:
I001 BN96-12723S LVDS Cable
-Power On Problems: (pg. 3) - 3D picture judders when 'Motion Judder
Canceller' is set to 'Smooth' or 'Standard'. I001 BN96-12942B Speaker
-Video Problems: (pg. 4) I001 BN96-13273B Speaker
-'USB Power Overload' message pops up
even USB port is not connected I001 BN59-01043A Remote
- HDMI ports recognition error and signal I001 BN63-01798B Cleaning Cloth
loose I001 BN96-09872R Power Cord
- Plug & Play is displayed whenever turning I001 BN96-10788A Accessory Pack
on TV.
PN58C7000YFXZA Fast Track Troubleshooting Manual

Customer Remote: Power off; Mute, 182, Power On
Service Remote: Power On; Info, Test


Power On Sequence:

1. STBY 5V (CN801, #2, 5v)
2. PS_ON (CN801, #1, 3.3v-0v)
3. VS_ ON (CN802, #6, 0-3.3v)
4. Panel should illuminate briefly
PN58C7000YFXZA Fast Track Troubleshooting Manual


When troubleshooting, It's very important to first check Vs, Va, Vsc & Ve
If Vs is missing (0V), disconnect power and check for short. Use ohm
Power Supply Trouble Shooting Notes: meter to measure resistance while disconnecting Y-Board & X-Board
supply feeds one at a time.
2010/2011 models
Turn Power On and Test SMPS with shorted connector removed for
Will not be run with the "X" or "Y" main disconnected. The SMPS will correct Vs voltage verification. (It may only come up briefly but to full
shut down immediately. However if a meter is first connected to the level). Be careful not to reconnect power connectors until Vs falls below
test point when power is applied it will read the correct voltage briefly 10V.
before shut- ting down.(You have enough time to check key
If Va is low or missing, disconnect power connectors to Address Boards
and Check to see if SMPS Supply is restored. (Note Va feed normally
CAUTION: Do not reconnect any connectors to SMPS or Y/X Boards passes through the Y-Drive to the Address Boards (Logic Buffer Boards).
until power has been turned off long enough for Vs to drop below 10V If Vsc is low or missing and Vs is OK, the failure is with the Y-Board
or damage will occur to X or Y Boards. .
since the Y-Board generates the Vsc voltage from the supplied Vs.

SMPS Over Current Protection If Ve is low or missing and Vs is OK, the failure is with the X-Board since the
Ve is generated by the X-Board from the supplied Vs. (Please note: In some
If a short circuit occurs on either the VS or VA voltage lines, the SMPS rare cases the Ve is generated by the Y-Board fed to the X-Board.)
stops operating, but should not fail. When the short circuit is removed
from the source line, the Power Supply will operate normally again. Other SMPS Voltages:
Many SMPS Supplies are replaced needlessly! Check Low Voltage feeds to the Main Board and other supplied Assemblies.
PN58C7000YFXZA Fast Track Troubleshooting Manual
1. Verify Video Operation 2. Using Test Patterns in Service Mode
a) Customer Picture Test (if available) - ENTERING SERVICE MODE