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Systems Reference Library

IBM 2703 Transmission Control
Component Description

This publication provides a detailed description of the c"apabil-
ities, features, and communication facilities required for the
IBM 2703 Transmission Control Unit. The capabilities of the
unit are grouped by: start-stop capabilities; and binary-
synchronous capabilities. All items of a general nature are
discussed in the section, "Detailed Description of Operations. "
The operator's controls and a detailed description of the
communication facilities to which the 2703 can be attached are
contained in the Appendix. For a complete listing of all SRL
publications available in the IBM System/360 library, including
abstracts, consult the IBM System/360 Bibliography,
Form GA22-6822.

This manual is written as a reference text and is
intended to cover all the major facets of the IBM
270:1 from a hardwarc \'iewpoint. Further informa-
tion pertaining specifically to the IB:\I System/360
is contained in the 113),1 S~'stem/:360 Principles of
Operation manual, Form GA22-6821. Numerous pro-
gramming publications describing the various tele-
communications programs are also available. All
these publications are listed in the IBM System/360
Bibliograph~', Form GA22-6822.

Third Edition (Septenlber 1970)

This is a reprint of the Second Edition, incorporating changes released in the following
Technical Newsletters:

N27 - 3027 (date d June 1968)
N27 - 3029 (dated December 1968)
1\27-3038 (dated April 1969)
1'.,'27-3043 (dated July 1969)
G?-~27-3055 (dated February 9, 107()\
.J..,../f VJ

Changes are periodically made to the information herein; before using this publication
in connection with the operation of IB\1 systems or equipment, refer to the latest SRL