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IBM System/360 and System/370
Systems Bibliography

This bibliography identifies and describes all technical publications
and related materials needed by those who plan, program, install,
and operate the IBM System/360 (Model 25 and above) and the

Titles, order numbers, current status, Technical Newsletter numbers,
an abstract of each item, and graphic library charts are included.

This bibliography is updated regulady to include new pUblications,
revised publications, and abstracts pertaining to this system library.

System/360 Model 20 publications and abstracts are provided in a
separate bibliography, order number GA26-3568.
Twentieth Edition (August 1972)

This is a mojor revision of, and supersedes, GA22-6822-18 and all associates SRL Newsletters.
The abstract section has been completely updated. The publications selector charts (Library
charts) have been updated, renamed, and moved to the back.

Requests for copies of IBM publications should be made to your IBM representative or to
the IBM branch office serving your locality.

A form for readers' comments is provided at the back of this pUblication. If the form has
been removed, comments may be addressed to IBM Corporation, Dept. 77A, 1133
Westchester Avenue, White Plains, N.Y., 10604. Comments and suggestions become the
property of IBM.
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