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Parts Number: 05L2163
LCD indicator panel

Replacing the UltraBay II Device
You want to... swap the device in the UltraBay II You need to... release the bay eject levers; then a message appears. Make sure the LED stays on green and there is no beep; then swap the device. power off your computer; then attach the external diskette drive.

ThinkPad 770E/770ED Quick Reference and Service Information


Your Name: Company Name: Model Number: Serial Number: Company or Reseller Service: IBM Service Web Site: IBM Service Number:
Click buttons Bay eject levers LED Telephone jack PC card slots UltraBay II

attach the diskette drive externally Note:

Some devices or configuration might not support Hot plug. If the LED is blinking orange, you cannot operate.

Function Keys
Fn+ F2 Result Displays the battery power status indicator or erases it when it is being displayed. (The Fuel program must first be activated.) Places the computer in standby mode. Places the computer in suspend mode. Changes computer display output locations. Changes computer LCD modes. Changes the power modes during battery-power operation Places the computer in hibernation mode.

F3 The IBM Service Number for your country can be found in the International Hardware Service Information booklet shipped with your computer. F4 F7 F8 Notes: F11 F12

Copyright IBM Corp.1998

Getting Service
Always read the Troubleshooting chapter of your User's Guide or Online Book before calling IBM. During the warranty period, you can get help and information from the IBM PC Support Line in your country. Before you call, fill out the front of this card. Also have: The exact wording of any error messages Hardware and software configuration information A description of the problem Information and serial numbers of any options installed on your system

ThinkPad Configuration Program
You can customize your hardware system settings with the ThinkPad Configuration program. To start the ThinkPad Configuration program, click on Start select Programs and ThinkPad, and double-click on ThinkPad Configuration.

For Further Information
See the following table and find the information you want to know.
If you want to... Know how to use the Recovery CD Know how to use the Customization CD Reinstall the operating system or hardware device drivers See the... ThinkPad 770E/770ED User's Guide Supplement ThinkPad 770E/770ED User's Guide Supplement Online book Attention Print the software installation section of the Online book before you format the hard disk drive. Know about hot or warm plug and unplug functions Register your computer Back up your computer ThinkPad 770 User's Guide and ThinkPad 770E/770ED User's Guide Supplement ThinkPad 770E/770ED User's Guide Supplement ThinkPad 770E/770ED User's Guide Supplement ThinkPad 770E/770ED User's Guide Supplement or Online book Online book ThinkPad 770 User's Guide or the Online book ThinkPad 770E/770ED User's Guide Supplement

International Warranty Service
Before you travel outside of the country where you purchased your ThinkPad, you should register for international warranty service. Using the online product registration does not automatically register you for international service. See the International Service Information booklet shipping with your computer. Power Management: To manage your battery power efficiently, you can set the power-saving mode with the ThinkPad Configuration program. Click on the Power Management button ( on the Power Management tab. ) and then click

Be aware of hints, tips, or limitations for using your computer Solve system resource conflict Solve a problem Use modem features

Battery Status
You can see the battery status by Fuel program. To start the Fuel program, click on Start, select Programs and ThinkPad, and click on Fuel.

TrackPoint Setting: You can customize such TrackPoint functions as Press-to-Select, Sensitivity, and Scrolling. Click on the TrackPoint button ( ).

Note: To see the online book, click on Start move the cursor to Programs, ThinkPad 770E/770ED; then click on ThinkPad 770E/770ED User's Guide.

Help: For more information, click on the Help button ( ).