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File No. 8360-36
Order No. GC28-6764-1 os

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Guide to Writing a
Terminal Monitor Program
Dr a Command Processor
OS Release 21

This publication describes features of TSO that
can be replaced, modified, or added to by each
installation of TSO, to adapt the command system
to the installation's particular needs. The
manual is intended for programmers whose
responsibility is to modify the portions of TSO
that communicate directly with the user at the

The publication discusses the Terminal
Monitor Program and the Command Processors from
the viewpoint of their replaceability, and
describes the programming features provided
within TSO for user-written Terminal Monitor
Programs, Command Processors, and applications
programs. These features include:

Service Routines
Macro Instructions
The Dynamic Allocation Interface Routine
The TEST Command Processor
second Edition (March, 1972)

This is a major revision of, and obsoletes, GC28-6764-0 and
Technical Newsletter GN28-2484. Changes are listed in the
summary of Amendments. Changes or additions to the text and
illustrations are indicated by a vertical line to the left of
the change.

This edition applies to release 21 of the IBM System/360
Operating System, and to all subsequent releases until
otherwise indicated in new editions or Technical Newsletters.
Changes are continually made to the information herein.
Before using this publication in connection with the
operation of IBM systems, consult the latest IBM System/360
and System/370 SRL Newsletter, Order No. GN20-0360, for the
editions that are applicable and current.

Requests for copies of IBM publications should be made to
your IBM repesentative or to the IBM branch office serving
your locality.

A form for readers' comments is provided at the back of
this publication. If the form has been removed, comments may
be addressed to IBM Corporation, Programming Systems
Publications, Department D58, PO Box 390" Poughkeepsie,
N.Y. 12602. Comments become the property of IBM.