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Form Number 1402-03
Form A24-3072-2

Systems Reference Library

IBM 1402 Card Read-Punch

This publication covers the IBM 1402 Models 1, 2, 3,4, 5, and 6.
Included are descriptions of major mechanical units, their functions
and operating controls, and special features that can be installed to
expand the capabilities of the basic machine.
Additional publications concerning 1402 operation with various
IBM data processing systems are listed in the SRL bibliography for
the specific system. The bibliography lists all technical reference
literature and related materials necessary for planning, program-
nring, installing, and operating the data processing system in any
This is a major revision of, and obsoletes, A24-3072-1. Changes have been made
throughout to delete references to Model Nl and to include information about Model 6.

Specifications contained herein are subject to change from time to time. Any such change
will be reported in subsequent revisions or Technical Newsletters.

Requests for copies of IBM publications should be made to your IBM representative or to
the IBM branch office serving your locality.

Address comments concerning the contents of the publication to IBM Corporation,
Product Publications, Department 245, Rochester, Minnesota 55901.

C International Business Machines Corporation 1960, 1961, 1962